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Why you should subscribe to VRWorldTech Magazine

15 January 2021 0

Subscribing to VRWorldTech Magazine brings several benefits, including regular and the latest updates in immersive technology for enterprise, and a premium publication that’s an ideal…

VRWorldTech Magazine becomes bimonthly publication for 2021

8 January 2021 1

VRWorldTech Magazine is returning in February with six issues focused on enterprise applications and a new subscription model to better serve this vital business Quick…

VRWorldTech Magazine 5: military-precision potential

30 November 2020 0

The fifth issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications in military and defence, checking in with Red 6, the US…


Meet: VR Express

28 September 2020 0

Meet Bulgaria-based VR Express, the XR agency on a mission to showcase the revolutionary power of immersive storytelling Ilian Raykov, co-founder of VR Express, details…

Meet: VRpatients

22 September 2020 0

Meet VRpatients, the US-based company immersing students in lifelike, stress-inducing clinical case scenarios where they interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real time VRpatients…

Meet: XpertVR

3 September 2020 0

Meet XpertVR, the Canada-based immersive technology company with the goal of bringing XR to the masses and giving people the ability to experience data Co-founders…


VR/AR Global Summit highlights: diversity of thought and action

2 October 2020 0

Increasing diversity within immersive technology will ensure it reflects the audience it serves. Several sessions on the final day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit…

VR/AR Global Summit highlights: an immersive learning and training explosion

1 October 2020 0

Immersive learning and training dominated discussion during the second day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit, with Dr Jonathan Richter, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Darryl Wright…

Pixo Apex could become Netflix-style one-stop-shop for XR

1 October 2020 0

Pixo Apex is designed to overcome the ease of use barrier and make it simpler for enterprise clients to deploy, use, and scale XR content…