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VRWorldTech Magazine 10: HitMotion: Reloaded and fitness for enterprise

10 November 2021 0

HitMotion: Reloaded, positioned as fitness for enterprise, is a game that its makers are particularly passionate about Quick read ➨ Speaking to VRWorldTech Magazine for…

VRWorldTech Magazine 10: Inside COVID19 and key technologies

5 November 2021 0

Inside COVID19 is a compelling chapter in the story of our times, in stereoscopic 360° video and VR Quick read ➨ Gary Yost, producer and…

VRWorldTech Magazine 10: Vertigo and a gaming bounce

3 November 2021 0

The Covid-19 pandemic brought VR gaming a new audience Quick read ➨ Kimara Rouwit, director of publishing at Vertigo Games, speaks exclusively to VRWorldTech Magazine…


Meet Masters of Pie: A Radical approach to real-time collaboration

30 June 2021 0

Meet Masters of Pie, a software scale-up bringing people and their data together, no matter where they are or the device they want to use…

Meet Vipin Dhunnoo: VR, climate change and the power of immersion

16 April 2021 0

Meet Vipin Dhunnoo, a virtual reality developer who is creating immersive experiences to convey the impacts of climate change Dhunnoo, a developer at immersive entertainment…

Meet: iShowroom

9 March 2021 0

Meet Czech Republic-based iShowroom, the product visualisation partner using virtual and augmented reality to enhance the ecommerce experience Filip Major, founder and chief executive officer…


Meta soon, just not right now

29 October 2021 5

Facebook, now named Meta, made very few announcements that would affect or even excite enterprise users of the company’s VR and AR tools and technology…

VIFF Immersed is coming in October

21 September 2021 0

XR technology is taking storytelling to the next level Quick read ➨ VIFF Immersed is made up of Immersed International Competition and Exhibition, taking place…

VR/AR Global Summit: Speaking the language of enterprise

2 June 2021 0

The enterprise market is waiting for immersive technology solutions that meet their increasingly realistic expectations. Based on their presentations at the VR/AR Global Summit today,…