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What is immersive technology for? Issue 7 has the answer

9 April 2021 0

Headsets and smart glasses, where Issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses, are good places to start in answering the question about the purpose of immersive…

You should have gone for the headset: issue 7 is coming soon

26 March 2021 0

Issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine will be available in print during the week of 12 April. The digital edition is scheduled for publication on 26…

Hardware is the focus of April’s VRWorldTech Magazine

12 March 2021 0

To help enterprises and professional users navigate these exciting times, VRWorldTech Magazine will sit down with the best and brightest headset and smart glasses developers…


Meet Vipin Dhunnoo: VR, climate change and the power of immersion

16 April 2021 0

Meet Vipin Dhunnoo, a virtual reality developer who is creating immersive experiences to convey the impacts of climate change Dhunnoo, a developer at immersive entertainment…

Meet: iShowroom

9 March 2021 0

Meet Czech Republic-based iShowroom, the product visualisation partner using virtual and augmented reality to enhance the ecommerce experience Filip Major, founder and chief executive officer…

Meet: VR Express

28 September 2020 0

Meet Bulgaria-based VR Express, the XR agency on a mission to showcase the revolutionary power of immersive storytelling Ilian Raykov, co-founder of VR Express, details…


European VR/AR coalition to form as Kaleidoscope releases new handbook for creators

20 January 2021 0

A virtual and augmented reality coalition in Europe will explore new content and distribution platforms for immersive experiences, after Kaleidoscope and others shone a light…

VR/AR Global Summit highlights: diversity of thought and action

2 October 2020 0

Increasing diversity within immersive technology will ensure it reflects the audience it serves. Several sessions on the final day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit…

VR/AR Global Summit highlights: an immersive learning and training explosion

1 October 2020 0

Immersive learning and training dominated discussion during the second day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit, with Dr Jonathan Richter, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Darryl Wright…