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VRWorldTech Magazine 5: military-precision potential

30 November 2020 0

The fifth issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications in military and defence, checking in with Red 6, the US…

Upcoming VRWorldTech Magazine shines light on military and defence

27 November 2020 0

The military and defence focus in the next issue of VRWorldTech Magazine finds a US system eager to deliver technology faster than its adversaries, but…

Soldiers play crucial role in development of US Army custom headset

25 November 2020 0

Soldiers and marines invested more than 40,000 hours into the design and development of the US Army Integrated Visual Augmentation System, making the device dedicated…


Meet: VR Express

28 September 2020 0

Meet Bulgaria-based VR Express, the XR agency on a mission to showcase the revolutionary power of immersive storytelling Ilian Raykov, co-founder of VR Express, details…

Meet: VRpatients

22 September 2020 0

Meet VRpatients, the US-based company immersing students in lifelike, stress-inducing clinical case scenarios where they interview, assess, diagnose and treat patients in real time VRpatients…

Meet: XpertVR

3 September 2020 0

Meet XpertVR, the Canada-based immersive technology company with the goal of bringing XR to the masses and giving people the ability to experience data Co-founders…


VR/AR Global Summit highlights: diversity of thought and action

2 October 2020 0

Increasing diversity within immersive technology will ensure it reflects the audience it serves. Several sessions on the final day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit…

VR/AR Global Summit highlights: an immersive learning and training explosion

1 October 2020 0

Immersive learning and training dominated discussion during the second day of the virtual VR/AR Global Summit, with Dr Jonathan Richter, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Darryl Wright…

Pixo Apex could become Netflix-style one-stop-shop for XR

1 October 2020 0

Pixo Apex is designed to overcome the ease of use barrier and make it simpler for enterprise clients to deploy, use, and scale XR content…