CES 2020: Three immersive tech releases for enterprise

8 January 2020 0

The immersive technology releases at CES 2020 are among its most intriguing. Here are three to be confirmed so far, with the event running until…

VRWorldTech: 10 most-read stories of 2019

6 January 2020 0

With immersive technology taking enterprise by storm, VRWorldTech recaps the 10 most-read stories from 2019, when new headsets, accessories and a publication dominated interest on…

Collaborate anywhere with The Wild on your side

15 November 2019 0

The arrival of the Oculus Quest is a game-changer for designers because it represents a sharp reduction in the friction required to join together in…

How VR training can help leaders unlock the true value of their workforce

27 September 2019 1

VR training can transform the workplace and improve a workforce, as Tom Symonds, chief executive officer of Immerse, explains In an era of low productivity…

Meet: Simulanis

23 September 2019 0

Launched in November 2013, Simulanis is a leading immersive technology company in India Raman Talwar, chief executive officer and founder of Simulanis, explains how his…

VRWorldTech Magazine

Jan Pflueger: Getting ahead, and staying there

18 October 2019 0

Editorial board member Jan Pflueger, of advisXR, gives his take on innovation within immersive tech for enterprise, and how developers can get in front of…

Hyundai and Live Nation: Get in on the AR

18 October 2019 0

Hyundai Motor America’s partnership with Live Nation this summer was its first “big success” in augmented reality (AR), and just the beginning of how the…

Verizon Media: Fun-filled format

18 October 2019 0

Consumers’ reactions to augmented reality (AR) experiences have been so positive that Verizon Media is pressing ahead with expanding its immersive advertising capabilities. Quick read…

Mojo Vision: Eyes-up and hands-free

18 October 2019 0

Mojo Vision’s top secret augmented reality (AR) project is still very much underwraps, but the California-based startup’s recently revealed 14K PPI Display has been described…

Location-based entertainment: It’s not a game

18 October 2019 0

Location-based entertainment providers such as VRstudios and Zero Latency are at the top of their games, while AR is far from the underdog in this…


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