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Find out what’s inside the AEC issue of VRWorldTech Magazine

15 June 2021 0

From hands-on client design and tried-and-tested visualisation to improving the training of staff, immersive technology is changing AEC for the better Quick read ➨ VRdirect,…

Bigger, bolder, better: Issue 8 to find out how AEC is embracing VR and AR

17 May 2021 0

Issue 8 of VRWorldTech Magazine finds designers, architects and engineers at the forefront of virtual and augmented reality, utilising these technologies to push the boundaries…

HTC Vive, XRSPACE, ThirdEye Gen, XRA and NuEyes: Issue 7 is here

26 April 2021 0

Issue 7 of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on hardware and features HTC Vive, XRSPACE, ThirdEye Gen, the XR Association and NuEyes, as well as The Reality…


Meet Vipin Dhunnoo: VR, climate change and the power of immersion

16 April 2021 0

Meet Vipin Dhunnoo, a virtual reality developer who is creating immersive experiences to convey the impacts of climate change Dhunnoo, a developer at immersive entertainment…

Meet: iShowroom

9 March 2021 0

Meet Czech Republic-based iShowroom, the product visualisation partner using virtual and augmented reality to enhance the ecommerce experience Filip Major, founder and chief executive officer…

Meet: VR Express

28 September 2020 0

Meet Bulgaria-based VR Express, the XR agency on a mission to showcase the revolutionary power of immersive storytelling Ilian Raykov, co-founder of VR Express, details…


VR/AR Global Summit: Speaking the language of enterprise

2 June 2021 0

The enterprise market is waiting for immersive technology solutions that meet their increasingly realistic expectations. Based on their presentations at the VR/AR Global Summit today,…

HTC Vive reveals ViveCon 2021 agenda

29 April 2021 0

ViveCon 2021 promises to examine HTC Vive’s plans in detail, and offer some revealing insights into how first-movers are utilising its technology for a range…

European VR/AR coalition to form as Kaleidoscope releases new handbook for creators

20 January 2021 0

A virtual and augmented reality coalition in Europe will explore new content and distribution platforms for immersive experiences, after Kaleidoscope and others shone a light…