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VRWorldTech Magazine 3: Conscious cooperation

27 April 2020 0

The entire immersive tech industry, from startup to incumbent, developer to chief executive, is stepping up and being counted, when we all need it most,…

Vuframe: Ease of use and deployment are key requirements

22 April 2020 0

‘In order to keep up, companies must be able to act quickly and easily to adapt their marketing and sales strategy to the current state…

Program-Ace on value of immersive tech in retail

21 April 2020 0

AR and VR are still very much novel experiences for the average consumer, meaning that ‘even simple AR integration is impressive to buyers and influences…


Meet: Immertec

2 July 2020 0

By allowing surgeons to remotely train in real-time, US-based Immertec is dissolving the physical barriers that restrict the adoption of modern medical devices and procedures,…

Meet: VRMT

2 March 2020 0

VRMT (Virtual Reality Machine Training) was formed in 2018 to bring VR to the glass bottle manufacturing industry. Its unique software tool helps improve training…


19 February 2020 2

Munich-based CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC recreate human anatomy in 3D—inviting VR users and consumers of other media to take a journey through their own…


Location-based entertainment: Immerse UK webinar to assess its future

1 July 2020 0

Location-based entertainment has turned from a clear application for immersive tech into a revenue-less market fearing for its future. Immerse UK’s webinar on 3 July…

Pivot Fast: building immersive and virtual platforms for events

24 June 2020 0

The latest episode of Pivot Fast saw a line-up of experts dive into the benefits of virtual platforms and how these tools create opportunities beyond…

RTC 2020: Keynotes and panels on immersive storytelling

9 June 2020 0

It’s the second day of RTC 2020, where keynotes and panel discussions are turning to immersive storytelling In brief ➨ What? RTC 2020 ➨ When?…