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How VR training can help leaders unlock the true value of their workforce

27 September 2019 0

VR training can transform the workplace and improve a workforce, as Tom Symonds, chief executive officer of Immerse, explains In an era of low productivity…

Meet: Simulanis

23 September 2019 0

Launched in November 2013, Simulanis is a leading immersive technology company in India Raman Talwar, chief executive officer and founder of Simulanis, explains how his…

Meet: realworld one

9 September 2019 0

Freiburg im Breisgau-headquartered computer software startup realworld one provides a collaboration platform designed to build a community for manufacturers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and…

Meet: Mimerse

15 August 2019 0

Founded in 2014, Sweden-based Mimerse aims to create revolutionary automatic mental wellness applications using immersive technologies The Mimerse virtual reality (VR) platform hosts evidence-based apps…

May 2019: Editor’s picks

4 June 2019 0

Mark Dugdale, editor of VRWorldTech Welcome to the May Editor’s picks. Last month belonged to AR and a string of headsets aimed at enterprise and…


Meet the winners of the first Greenlight Insights Innovation Awards

17 October 2019 0

The four winners of the inaugural Greenlight Insights Innovation Awards have been revealed at xRS Week 2019 in San Francisco. Quick read ➨ More than…

Greenlight Insights Book Club at xRS Week 2019 highlights notable authors

3 October 2019 0

Greenlight Insights has unveiled the featured authors in the Greenlight Insights Book Club for xRS Week 2019. These authors will autograph and promote their books…

Finalists revealed for Greenlight Insights Innovation Awards

27 September 2019 0

Greenlight Insights has announced the finalists for the 2019 Innovation Awards recognising excellence in virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). Eighteen finalists of the 2019 Innovation…

xRS Week 2019 speakers revealed

17 September 2019 0

Experts from Microsoft, HP, Facebook, Sixense, HTC, Unity, Unreal, StriVR, Varjo, 42Gears, Pico, The VOID, Variety and WIRED are speaking at xRS Week 2019 in…

What to expect from Sixense Enterprises at xRS Week

12 September 2019 0

Sixense Enterprises is joining Greenlight Insights at xRS Week next month, as the company leads the development of compelling use cases for immersive technology in…


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