Cannvas Kiosk cannabis education

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NexTech AR Solutions has signed a deal to bring augmented reality (AR) to cannabis education with Cannvas Medtech, a digital cannabis education and business technology company.

Under the deal, Cannvas intends to roll out AR enhanced learning kiosks in high-traffic retail areas across Canada to improve accessibility to free and physician-backed education focused on the potential benefits of medical and adult-use cannabis.

The kiosks will be equipped with NexTech’s AR-3D product demos and live AR holograms beaming in as experts, dramatically enhancing their educational capabilities.

NexTech creates business solutions for e-commerce, e-learning and live streaming events. It recently launched on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as it bids to access European investors.

Steve Loutskou, chief operating officer for global markets at Cannvas, extolled the benefits of AR-enhanced service delivery.

He said: “It has been proven that companies who personalise the user experience through AR enjoy an improvement in their customer relations and overall profitability, and our goal through this partnership with NexTech is to take our Cannvas Kiosk to the next level and ensure users receive accurate and evidence-based cannabis information customised to their needs and location.”

Plans are afoot to integrate Cannvas learning kiosks with health clinics and platforms across Canada, meaning that users engaging with a kiosk have an opportunity to follow up with a licensed medical practitioner, should they choose to do, and these clinics or platforms will be among their options.

Content at each Cannvas Kiosk will be powered by the Cannvas.Me platform. Cannvas.Me offers interactive tools and physician-backed content to audiences wishing to learn about healthcare through cannabis.

Cannvas and NexTech plan to collaborate on data collection and analysis to examine consumer behaviour patterns at Cannvas kiosks and leverage that information to ensure optimal user experiences.

Both companies will also explore their existing networks and strategic partnerships to assess whether there is potential to form a joint service offering through the Cannvas Kiosk platform.

“As someone who comes from the training and education world, the extension of the digital experience to include AR is so promising,” commented Reuben Tozman, chief operating officer of NexTech. “Creating high powered user experiences seems to be common ground between our respective organisations and we are excited to offer the market true next generation experiences that drive engagement and learning.”