AerinX aims to revolutionise aircraft skin inspection with AR

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Hungarian company AerinX is developing an augmented reality (AR) solution for the external inspection and maintenance of aircraft.

AerinX has entered into a strategic partnership with Aeroplex, one of the largest maintenance, repair and overhaul companies in Central and Eastern Europe, to implement the system in heavy and line maintenance processes.

AerinX’s AR-based system assists with external surface checks and aircraft maintenance. Most damage detection, registration and documentation still occur manually. The system allows engineers conducting maintenance to determine the size and exact location of damage.

It projects all relevant technical information about a given aircraft type in three-dimensions on the surface of the plane, including plate thickness at the given point and damage history.

This might allow inspections to be considerably faster and more accurate, decreasing the chance of human mistakes, and resulting in fewer accidents, according to AerinX.

The system might also come in handy during ‘aircraft on ground’ situations, when planes have to be immediately inspected due to damage or other incidents.

According to AerinX, an average external inspection may take up to 90 minutes, or even two hours with the current methods. AerinX claims to be able to reduce this time to 20 minutes, which may result in saved costs and reduced delays.

The AerinX system is currently in its prototype phase, with the company receiving venture capital investment support for further development and market introduction in both the civil and defence aviation segments.

AerinX’s agreement with Aeroplex will see the two companies work together to refine and further develop the system to enable it for application during base (heavy) and line maintenance processes.

Our vision is to completely revolutionise the way aircraft skin inspection is carried out at the moment

Antal Bence Kiss, chief executive officer of AerinX

Antal Bence Kiss, chief executive officer of AerinX, commented: “Our vision is to completely revolutionise the way aircraft skin inspection is carried out at the moment. To achieve this, we are developing a smart inspection system which combines AR technology with modern picture processing, giving a decision-supporting tool in the hands of professionals.”

“AerinX promises to reduce inspection time in cases of aircraft on ground events, as well as line and heavy maintenance.”