HTC Vive and Viveport to update GDC 2019 on plans

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The team at Viveport, the virtual reality (VR) platform and app store of HTC Vive, is planning several upgrades for the benefit of consumer and enterprise users, vice president of product Bjorn Book-Larsson said ahead of GDC 2019 this week.

Speaking to the conference’s website, Book-Larsson previewed what the event’s 28,000 attendees might expect from its diamond sponsor over the course of 2019.

“Our goal for 2019 is to refine VR for every audience,” said Book-Larsson. “For consumers, we’re working to drive engagement even higher in headset—meaning people spend more time in headset and have a broad spectrum of content types available. We’re aligning our hardware, platform and content to enable this vision.”

“In addition to Vive Cosmos and Viveport Infinity, we’re redesigning the way users navigate their VR experience with Vive Reality System. To create a feeling of stepping between worlds, we’ve reimagined new ways to display content and transport users between immersive experiences of all types.”

“For enterprise, we’re seeing an ever-increasing level of enthusiasm and engagement for VR solutions in a range of industries.”

Bjorn Book-Larsson, vice president of product at Viveport

Enterprise can expect plenty of updates, too, said Book-Larsson, including the addition of eye tracking. He explained: “For enterprise, we’re seeing an ever-increasing level of enthusiasm and engagement for VR solutions in a range of industries. With VIVE Pro Eye, we’re excited to bring the benefits of eye tracking to businesses. Integrated eye tracking will allow business to gather more data about their training environments, help users to improve their performance, and/or optimise how computing resources are used.”

“In our newest workforce collaboration tool, VIVE Sync, internal teams can also collaborate in virtual shared spaces, improving communication and productivity.”

HTC Vive has a lot planned for GDC 2019 in San Francisco, including:

Developer Day: 18 March @ Moscone West Hall, Room #2024

Vive is holding a developer day. Filled with sessions directly from its own team and partners, the company will delve into the topics most meaningful to VR developers.

To start, Vive will walk developers through its platform roadmap for 2019 to share the new opportunities ahead and how they can take advantage of them. Next, its engineers will provide in-depth demonstrations on its software development kits to provide the tools and knowledge necessary to accelerate VR development.

VR Play: 20 to 22 March @ Moscone Center Hall

This year, the VR Play area at GDC 2019 is sponsored by Viveport. Attendees can see the new technologies from its technical talks in action on the latest Vive hardware. VIVE will be showcasing innovative content that demonstrates the power of its developer tools such as eye and hand tracking, six degrees of freedom input for the Wave platform and more.