Pixvana releases tools for VR presentations—anywhere

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Seattle-based company Pixvana has released a set of tools that enable companies to deliver a fully-guided, in-headset virtual reality (VR) experience to their target audience.

The new cloud-based technology features a mission control centre, complete suite of presentation management tools and provides real-time analytics to track audience engagement and content comprehension.

Using SPIN Guide from Pixvana, those administering VR experiences can control what their audience is seeing in-headset, from one centralised screen, while having full visibility into how the group is reacting and interacting with the subject matter.

The technology enables companies to deliver fully guided VR experiences to their audience with the ability to talk to them throughout the journey; play, pause, and seek the video; adjust volume; and more, across every single headset at the same time.

SPIN Guide also provides insights, including where the audience is looking (via heat maps), how they navigate the content, and how well they understand the content they consume.

Administrators can also monitor VR headset battery levels, observe content downloads, drop-off rates, and make immersive VR content playable on the web.

SPIN Guide will be made available as part of Pixvana’s VR platform, SPIN Studio.

“At Pixvana, we are dedicated to bringing new and powerful VR-native technology to market to help fuel the growth of the entire ecosystem,” said Beverly Vessella, vice president of product at Pixvana.

“SPIN Guide is a trailblazing VR functionality that makes it effortless to lead entire groups of viewers on life changing adventures—guiding them, watching them respond, learning from them, and improving their experience along the way. This is a game changer for everything from corporate trainings to sales enablement and marketing presentations.”

VR: Powerful sales training

Cloud infrastructure provider VMware’s internet of things (IoT) group used SPIN Guide at its annual sales kickoff meeting. Going forward, VMware’s IoT group will educate and train its global sales team on its IoT solutions and use cases.

“VR has proven to be a powerful sales training tool for creating lasting impressions and increasing product recall and retention.”

Mimi Spier, vice president of IoT at VMware

“VR has proven to be a powerful sales training tool for creating lasting impressions and increasing product recall and retention,” said Mimi Spier, vice president of IoT at VMware.

“Pixvana’s new SPIN Guide provides us with a whole new level of control, guidance, and insight into how effectively we are training our sales team. Now, we can better understand how our training material are being received and retained, plus we can use real-time analytics to optimise the experience on the fly.”

Non-profit organisations, such as Oceans360.org, which trains and educates people on ocean conservation, will also be using SPIN Guide to augment its awareness effort.

“Pixvana is making a huge contribution for conservation education by creating the tools to do the work,” said Steve Mandel, executive director of Oceans360.org. “I’ve always wanted to have the ability to present to classrooms full of students and share our passion on a much larger scale—and now for the first time, we can cast videos simultaneously to multiple headsets and control what our viewers are seeing. We’re planning on first using this technology in high schools biology classes to inspire the next generation of ocean conservationists, and that’s just the beginning.”