HumanEyes and Docomo test 5G with VR camera tech

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Israel-based virtual reality (VR) camera maker HumanEyes has partnered with Japanese mobile telecoms company NTT Docomo to conduct real world trials in a 5G technical verification environment.

The companies will conduct their trials in Guam, where Docomo has set up a lab to conduct 5G tests on the performance and interoperability of technologies and applications.

Docomo has expanded the lab to include an outdoor verification environment, enabling practical, real world verification of 5G handsets and network hardware.

With the Guam Power Authority as their testing partner, Docomo and HumanEyes will test VR camera technology to capture and remotely share the technical knowledge of senior engineers with new technicians via 5G, without the hassle and expense of onsite training.

HumanEyes and Docomo test 5G with VR camera tech
HumanEyes makes the Vuze, a VR 360 3D camera and integrated studio with automatic VR movie production

“HumanEyes has an excellent reputation for producing some of the most advanced and innovative VR cameras in the world, and their engineering team in Israel is truly exceptional,” said Tetsunori Higashida, senior manager of the global business division at Docomo.

“Leveraging virtual reality cameras for training purposes is quickly emerging as a key application for the technology, making it a highly practical component of our trials. We very much look forward to collaborating with HumanEyes in this important endeavour.”