Acer launches ConceptD OJO headset

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Acer has launched a virtual reality (VR) headset as part of the new ConceptD range aimed at graphic designers, filmmakers, engineers, architects, developers and other creators.

The ConceptD OJO Windows Mixed Reality headset features a 4,320 x 2,160 display, detachable and swappable head strap design, easy inter-pupil distance adjustment, and a classic white finish.

The Taiwanese electronics company has included within the headset patented built-in sound pipe technology and software-assisted interpupillary distance (IPD) adjustment functionality.

The headset’s detachable design makes it easy to clean and share among multiple users, with Acer keen to point out that this includes within a business environment. The head strap also provides a snug yet comfortable fit to keep the headset firmly in place, according to Acer.

The ConceptD OJO’s integrated audio system focuses sound on the ears, eliminating the need for headphones, and the IPD technology ensures the display is set at the optimal distance from the wearer’s eyes. It’s also easy to set up with inside-out tracking and six degrees of freedom positional tracking.

Acer launches ConceptD OJO headset

Acer offered no further details on the headset’s price or release date. The full ConceptD range includes Windows 10 desktops, notebooks and monitors, all to “give creators the tools to focus on the creative process and make beautiful things,” said Jerry Kao, co-chief operating officer of Acer.

“As the foundation of a full line of creator products, we’ve designed PCs with high-performance processors and graphics that can handle extreme workloads, and put them inside quiet, minimalist designs to inspire creators to unleash their creativity.”

“Intel continues to champion the needs of creators in their PCs by delivering the premium performance and platform technologies needed to speed workflows and enable their best,” added Chris Walker, vice president and general manager of the client computing group at Intel.  

He continued: “Across notebook and desktop form factors, and capability from 9th Gen Intel Core i7 and i9 along with Intel Xeon processors, ConceptD from Acer is a prime example of combining design, features and peripherals to deliver PCs to meet the highest demands for content creation at all levels.”

The new headset and full ConceptD range was revealed at the next@acer press event held in New York. You can watch the playback of that event below:

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