Varjo provides update on mixed reality add-on

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Finnish company and VR-1 maker Varjo is pressing ahead with developments to its headset.

A major add-on to the VR-1, which was released earlier this year, is planned for the summer and chief product officer Urho Konttori is particularly excited about its potential.

He told VRWorldTech in an interview that will be published after the Easter break: “It’s a modular add-on that replaces the front plate of the headset. The mixed reality add-on allows you to have by far the highest quality mixed reality of any headset out there. We’re talking tens of times higher resolution than any competing products.”

“The HTC Focus line-up and the Vive Pro have certain resolution cameras that you can use for mixed reality, but with very high latency. The distortions are still quite visible. We’ve worked on all of these things. The resolution is huge. Latency is non-existent, certainly below typical VR rendering. There is much more work we do for each pixel you see, but we’ve been able to get rid of all the latency.”

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