Google creates Childish Gambino universe in AR

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Google has stepped up its augmented reality (AR) partnership with music artist Childish Gambino.

Using its developer platform ARCore, Google has created an AR app that lets Android users journey through Childish Gambino’s ‘universe’ to his latest music.

Pharos AR opens an AR portal that you can walk through and explore an augmented cave where you can find and interact with hidden glyphs while still being able to see out into the real world.

The new AR app contains multiple worlds throughout Childish Gambino’s ‘universe’, and offers single-player and multiplayer modes.

Google said in a blog post that artists and creators can use AR “as an outlet for artistic expression and a way for fans to explore and interact with their content in a new way”.

Pharos AR, currently available only Android but an iOS release is expected soon, marks a continuation of the partnership between Google and Childish Gambino.

Earlier this year, they created an AR version of Childish Gambino in Playground, the creative mode in the Pixel camera, that dances and reacts to you in photos and videos.

Image credits: Google