Oculus Quest and Rift S set for 21 May release

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The new Quest and Rift S headsets from Oculus have been given a release date of 21 May.

Pre-orders on the Oculus Quest and Rift S are open, and both headsets are available from $399. The Facebook-owned VR company announced their release at the annual F8 developers conference.

Oculus has catered for both the mobile and PC markets, with the wire-free Quest delivering the freedom of completely untethered movement in VR thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, and the Rift S giving those with a Windows 10 PC access to the most immersive VR content.

Both the Quest and the Rift S include Insight, Oculus’s computer vision technology that enables inside-out tracking with sensors built into the headset that map the world around the user and their position in it.

Safety is a high priority for Oculus and its latest headsets. Insight includes a passthrough mode for both the Quest and Rift S that shows users a glimpse of their physical environment while still inside the headset.

The Rift S takes this a step further with Passthrough+, a true stereo-correct passthrough feature that allows users to take advantage of core Oculus runtime advancements such as ASW and combine them with Dash for their own mixed reality-like experiences.

“With a headset for everyone, VR gaming is better than ever,” Oculus explained in a blog post. “Quest offers the easiest entry point to 6DOF VR, while the PC-powered Rift S delivers the most cutting-edge content and next-gen graphics. Together, they’ll continue to drive a rapidly maturing 6DOF ecosystem where established studios and indie devs can reach a growing audience across the board. Quest and Rift S will push the industry forward—and that’s good for everyone.”

Image credits: Oculus