Microsoft to release HoloLens 2 developer edition

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Microsoft is launching a developer edition of the HoloLens 2 in a bid to create an ecosystem of apps for the mixed reality (MR) headset.

The $3,500 HoloLens 2, confirmed in February and billed as “changing how we work, learn, communicate and get things done”, will be put in the hands of MR developers “to make it easier to create” for the device. Pre-orders are currently being accepted.

On top of the new edition, developers will also get $500 in credits for Azure MR and three months of access to Unity Pro and the Unity PiXYZ Plugin. Pre-orders need to assemble here.

Microsoft isn’t giving away the developer edition of the HoloLens 2 out of the goodness of its heart, however. Developers can pay $99 per month, rather than the retail $125 per month everyone else will have to weigh out. Those more inclined to buy the device outright will still have to stump up $3,500.

In the same announcement, Microsoft confirmed that Unreal Engine 4 support for streaming and native platform integration for the HoloLens 2 will be available for developers by the end of May.

Bringing integration for developers seasoned in an established platform makes sense, and could yield the “high-quality, photo-realistic renders and immersive, mixed-reality experiences for solutions spanning architecture, product design, manufacturing and more” that Microsoft so sorely seeks.

Image credit: Microsoft