Bose Frames set for worldwide release

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Bose Frames, the augmented reality (AR) eyewear from the audio technology company, are poised for release worldwide.

Bose is accepting preorders for the eyewear, with a release date of 31 May and price tag of £199.95 in the UK.

The AR sunglasses, which provide the wearer with an audio-sensory experience when connected to the Bose AR platform, were released in the US in January, at a cost of $199.

Bose AR uses a 9-axis head motion sensor and the GPS from an IOS or Android device and automatically adds a layer of audio, “connecting that place and time to endless possibilities for travel, learning, entertainment, gaming, and more”.

Bose Frames

The device’s acoustic package is set in each arm’s interior rather than an earbud or attached component. For touch and voice control, an ultra-small microphone and multi-function button are embedded on the right temple for power and pairing, Siri and Google Assistant, calls and commands, or to pause and skip songs.

The sunglasses themselves come with UVA and UVB protection. They feature uniformly tinted lenses and distinct accents, weighing just 45 grams as a complete package.

A lithium battery will provide up to 3.5 hours for playback and up to 12 hours on standby, but can be fully recharged in less than two hours.

Speaking in December, Mehul Trivedi, director of Bose Frames described the eyewear as “both revolutionary and practical”.

Trivedi continued: “They look and act like classic sunglasses—until you turn them on. And then you’re connected to your phone, contacts, the web, and all its audible content, just like headphones. There’s nothing else like them—they’re a breakthrough you have to see, wear, and hear to believe.”

Image credits: Bose