NexTech AR joins Khronos 3D exploratory group

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NexTech AR has joined the newly formed Khronos Group exploratory committee looking at standards and guidelines for the development of three-dimensional (3D) objects.

The committee was formed last month to consider the production and distribution of 3D objects, so they can be experienced realistically and consistently across all platforms and devices, including augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

Toronto-based NexTech is a leader in enhancing online shopping with AR. Its Try-It-On solution lets users ‘try on’ virtual items such as sunglasses and apparel before purchasing, as well as place larger items in the physical environment for which they are intended to assess whether they fit.

It joins the likes of Adobe, Deloitte, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nvidia, Pinterest, Qualcomm, Samsung and Shopify as a tech participant of the exploratory group, which also includes retail brands such as Ikea and

Evan Gappelberg, chief executive of NexTech, said: “We are excited to join this incredible group of leading companies to help further the creation and adoption of 3D virtual products across a variety of platforms. As 3D visualisation technologies become more prevalent, it’s crucial to be able to present these experiences consistently across multiple consumer endpoints like eCommerce websites, apps, in social feeds, and in ad units.”

“Our diverse tech stack and leadership position in AR e-commerce makes us an ideal member for this group, as we’re able to address a major pain point through our solutions—transforming content from 2D into the 3D-AR e-commerce world. We look forward to collaborating together to solve the industry’s friction points within 3D visualisation, and to develop new standards that can shape the future of the technology.”

NexTech has also taken steps to strengthen its relationships with retailers and ramp up ecommerce sales through the addition of Scott Starr to its advisory board.

Starr was a “retail sales pioneer” at PTC, and now at LivePerson, according to NexTech.

He said: “I look forward to joining the NexTech advisory board during a time of tremendous growth for both the company and AR in the retail industry, and to use my industry experience to help guide future growth and company initiatives.”

“NexTech has a great tech stack that I believe can disrupt the retail industry through engaging AR experiences that are easy and cost-effective to integrate. It’s an exciting time to join the team.”

NexTech just signed an agreement with The Wright Brothers USA to “ARitize”—develop AR versions for online retail—several items from its product line and explore sentiment measurement technology for Try-It-On features.

Image credit: Markus Spiske on Unsplash