NexTech launches ARitize University

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Toronto-headquartered NexTech AR is moving into the enterprise education and training sector with ARitize University.

The plug-and-play app, available to download via Google Play and the Apple App Store from the end of June, will allow companies and educational institutions to add three-dimensional (3D) augmented reality (AR) experiences to existing 2D assets such as YouTube videos and PDF documents.

ARitize University also uses algorithms to recognise and relate content to each other, allowing companies and educational institutions to create micro-learning courses and recommend relevant training content to each individual user.

Evan Gappelberg, chief executive officer of NexTech, said: “We already have a ton of interest from existing and new customers for our ARitize University and expect to be announcing customers signups shortly.”

Gappelberg pointed to reports that half of the US workforce will soon be remote as a sign that “businesses need solutions that can effectively train employees without seeing them in person”.

“Education is also becoming more remote and mobile, with more than six million students taking online classes. There has never been more demand for AR in education and training than there is now, and NexTech has the most advanced solution on the market to meet those needs.”

NexTech has had a busy 2019. In April, it formed AR Studios in Hollywood, California, to lead on the creation of immersive content using AR as the primary display platform.

The company has also pressed ahead with its web-enabled AR platform.

Image credit: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash