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Varwin Reality Management System (RMS) is testing a beta version of its new virtual reality (VR) creation and management platform.

The platform allows development studios and clients to more easily interact and manage VR projects.

It boasts a drag-and-drop logic interface based on Google’s Blockly visual language that presents coding concepts as interlocking blocks.

The platform allows developers to build a library of objects with predefined logic that clients can then interact with and make simple alterations to.

Developers will also have access to an asset library with free samples, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor, and a Unity software development kit for asset creation.

Both developers and clients have access to the Varwin RMS platform, so the updates are delivered to clients automatically and applied instantly.

Alex Dovzhikov, chief executive officer of Varwin RMS, said: “VR isn’t massively applied by business yet because the customer can’t manage content without developers and everything depends on vendors. Thus, VR production is still expensive, time-consuming and inflexible.”

“[It was the same] with websites years ago until CMS showed up. Varwin RMS will make VR accessible to everyone. The world changes when information can be managed by its owner, not by a programmer.”

The new platform from Varwin RMS is available for download now. Find out more about it in the video below:

Image credit: Varwin RMS