Apple Stores to host AR-based art experiences

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Apple is launching a series of augmented reality (AR)-based art experiences in its stores around the world, with a group of renowned artists taking part.

The three new Today at Apple AR experiences, called [AR]T, include an interactive walk featuring works by some of the world’s premier contemporary artists, an in-store session that teaches the basics of creating AR using Swift Playgrounds, and an AR art installation viewable in every Apple Store worldwide.

Apple invited the contemporary art New Museum in New York to select seven artists to participate in the project and create the sessions.

New Museum selected artists Nick Cave, Nathalie Djurberg and Hans Berg, Cao Fei, John Giorno, Carsten Höller and Pipilotti Rist.

Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior vice president of retail and people, said of the project: “Today at Apple offers a window into the creative arts made possible by our products and customers.”

“We hope attendees are inspired by the incredible AR creations in the [AR]T Walk and in-store installation, and we can’t wait to see what our visitors learn to create in the [AR]T Lab.”

All three sessions begin on 10 August. More information and registration can be found here.

[AR]T Walk

The [AR]T Walk experiences co-curated with New Museum will take participants through San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo as they encounter works by the selected artists.

This Is It by Djurberg and Berg
In This Is It, Djurberg and Berg take attendees on an outlandish adventure to a seemingly hollow tree hiding magical creatures worthy of a digital fairy tale

Works by Cave, Djurberg and Berg, Cao, Giorno, Höller and Rist will connect participants to public spaces such as London’s Trafalgar Square, San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Gardens or New York’s Grand Army Plaza in Central Park.

Apple said the artists have used AR to reimagine or invent new ways to express core themes of their art practice.

According to Apple’s descriptions, Rist’s International Liquid Finger Prayer “bounces, taunts and sings” as participants race to catch a shimmering form, while Giorno’s Now at the Dawn of My Life is “a rainbow journey of homespun wisdom”, and Through by Höller “takes viewers through a portal into a world with no perspective”.

Lisa Phillips, the Toby Devan Lewis director for the New Museum, explained: “The New Museum has always led at the intersection of art and tech and we could not have asked for a better partner in Apple to support the fantastic visions of these pioneering artists. Augmented reality is a medium ripe for dynamic and visual storytelling that can extend an artist’s practice beyond the studio or the gallery and into the urban fabric.”

[AR]T Lab

Created in partnership with New York artist, NEW INC member (New Museum’s cultural incubator) and educator Sarah Rothberg, this session will get attendees hands-on with whimsical objects and immersive sounds.

New York artist and educator Sarah Rothberg teaches Today at Apple attendees how to create their own AR experiences
New York artist and educator Sarah Rothberg teaches Today at Apple attendees how to create their own AR experiences using Swift Playgrounds

Using Swift Playgrounds, anyone can learn how to create their own AR experiences in this free 90-minute [AR]T Lab.

[AR]T in the Apple Store: Nick Cave’s Amass

Visitors to any Apple Store worldwide can experience Cave’s AR piece, Amass.

Using the [AR]T Viewer in the Apple Store app, users can initiate Cave’s interactive installation, which will take them on a journey to view and collect ‘Ikon Elements’ and experience a universe of positive energy.

Image credits: Apple