CGTrader partners with IKAR and Magic Leap

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CGTrader, operator of the online marketplace for three-dimensional (3D) content, is partnering with IKAR and Magic Leap on a series of projects designed to transform traditional shopping.

Apparel design and manufacturing company IKAR and CGTrader are working on turning two-dimensional (2D) fashion images and paper catalogs into engaging and immersive 3D and augmented reality (AR) customer experiences for intimate apparel and activewear lines.

This includes providing photorealistic 3D models to IKAR through the new CGTrader ARsenal AR solution.

IKAR will use CGTrader’s recently launched AR solution, CGTrader ARsenal, which allows retailers to easily deploy AR for online stores, to turn its intimate apparel and activewear lines into complete digital 3D fashion collections.

Roi Ballin, business development manager at IKAR, explained: “A garment will create a greater attraction when presented on a human model rather than lying flat or on a hanger. However, such presentations require a considerable amount of resources such as photoshoots, human models and more.”

“For us, CGTrader ARsenal provides an immediate solution for a more elevated mean to present our products, while eliminating the need to invest in expensive 3D software, internal training, project management, other internal resources or upfront investments for 3D implementation. We can cost-effectively outsource the 3D modeling and 3D viewing processes so we can focus on what we do best. This is transforming our whole approach to the way we think about pre-sales and fashion product presentations.”

CGTrader is partnering with spatial computing specialist Magic Leap to explore how its technology can offer IKAR the opportunity to develop end-of-aisle and other advanced immersive customer experiences.

They will also look at how this application can be extended to at-home shoppers and take interaction with AR models to the next level. Magic Leap Lightwear devices, for example, offer consumers the ability to visualise and interact with 3D fashion models wearing garment collections.

Furniture and home décor retailers, including Fatboy and Garten und, have already partnered with CGTrader to upgrade their online shopping sites to immersive 3D and AR.

CGTrader chief executive officer Dalia Lasaite said: “Just as IKAR’s seamless apparel creates a better experience for the buyer, so does CGTrader ARsenal that brings a better customer experience to the retail buyer.”

“Working with IKAR has given us the perfect opportunity to expand the scope of our augmented reality solutions to include omnichannel retail. And collaborating with Magic Leap will enable us to explore interactive spatial computing experiences for fashion and other industries that eliminate the boundaries between the real and digital worlds.”

Image caption and credit: 3D model of IKAR’s active wear by CGTrader ARsenal (CGTrader)