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Founded in 2014, Sweden-based Mimerse aims to create revolutionary automatic mental wellness applications using immersive technologies. The Mimerse VR platform hosts evidence-based apps that can improve, manage and treat the minds of millions

Sarah Ouakim, vice president of strategic business development at Mimerse, tells VRWorldTech more.

VRWT: What is Mimerse and what does its platform offer?

Ouakim: Mimerse creates evidence-based VR mental health treatments and our applications are currently being used by hospitals, psychologists and corporate partners, both as therapy and for wellness purposes. We’re currently working on several applications that will be integrated into VR platforms for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer users.

VRWT: How can immersive tech improve mental wellness?

Ouakim: Immersive technologies have an incredible potential to treat and manage mental health disorders, which is evident from more than 20 years of research. It’s also a fantastic tool to put in service of democratising mental health. By providing our therapies on a platform that is rapidly gaining users worldwide, we want to ensure that the best therapies, from the best research and clinical trials available, are made available and accessible to as many as possible. 

VRWT: What do some of the apps on Mimerse do?

Mimerse’s vice president of strategic business development, Sarah Ouakim
Mimerse’s vice president of strategic business development, Sarah Ouakim

Ouakim: Our VR therapy apps are used by mental health professionals to provide the best and most individualised care for their patients, but are also gaining in popularity in terms of self-care and personal development, as some of the functionalities have proven extremely effective in corporate environments, such as our stress management and burnout prevention application Calm Place, or even the enthusiastic response to the beta version of our public speaking training and social phobia application, Speaking Place. We’re also currently developing applications for pain distraction and additional phobias and have more treatments in the pipeline. 

VRWT: How can interested parties partner with Mimerse?

Ouakim: Since 2014, we’ve been working with clinicians, scientists, healthcare and platform providers and are constantly looking for collaboration partners who share our optimistic view of the possibilities that immersive technologies bring to the field of mental health. Corporations are now also gaining ground using our applications for employee care, empowerment and development, so any interested parties are more than welcome to contact us via

Watch the launch trailer for Calm Place:

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