VRWorldTech Magazine coming in October

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VRWoldTech, the platform dedicated to enterprise applications for immersive technology, is launching a new digital bimonthly magazine in October.

The bimonthly magazine will contain product launches, previews and reviews from around the world, as well as exclusive news and features on the latest immersive tech developments for enterprise and business.

The digital magazine will be released exclusively to attendees of xRS Week in San Francisco, where developers and business decision-makers will meet to discuss the latest trends in immersive tech.

Clifton Dawson, founder and principal analyst at Greenlight Insights, the global virtual and augmented (VR/AR) intelligence firm behind xRS Week, welcomed the release of VRWorldTech Magazine, saying: “Greenlight Insights, through its market intelligence services and events such as xRS Week, and VRWorldTech are committed to ensuring that the real-world benefits of XR are understood and taken advantage of.”

“We welcome the release of a resource such as VRWorldTech Magazine and the role it will play in helping to educate enterprise and connect decision-makers with developers.”

Jonathan Savage, publisher of VRWorldTech Magazine, explained why such a resource is important to both VR and AR, and enterprises considering their application.

He said: “A knowledge gap exists in enterprise that is holding back the potential of immersive tech. VRWorldTech Magazine will address this by demonstrating the immediate and real-world benefits of VR and AR, quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Business decision-makers will be able to read and learn about this technology at their own pace, and then share our content with their colleagues and superiors. The magazine will initiate and expand conversation about immersive tech.”

In line with the agenda at xRS Week, VRWorldTech Magazine editor Mark Dugdale will focus the first issue on healthcare and media and entertainment—two exciting areas he called “ripe for immersion”.

He said: “I’m keen to learn about the latest cutting-edge developments in healthcare and media and entertainment. There is hardware and software in these areas that can transform how business-critical tasks are completed. I want to put them in the spotlight.”

Anyone interested in working with the VRWorldTech team on the first issue of the magazine should get in touch with Jonathan Savage via jon.savage@vrworldtech.com. You can download the media pack here.