What to expect from Sixense Enterprises at xRS Week

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Sixense Enterprises is joining Greenlight Insights at xRS Week next month, as the company leads the development of compelling use cases for immersive technology in enterprise

Quick read

➨ Sixense Studios president Joel Breton joined the company to develop immersive technology solutions for enterprise

➨ Training and education, healthcare and location-based entertainment are key focuses for Sixense

➨ Sixense is sponsoring xRS Week because the event targets the best minds and executives

➨ Breton is hosting a webinar on 16 September, in partnership with xRS Week organiser Greenlight Insights

The story

Sixense Studios president Joel Breton, a veteran video game developer with 20 platinum-selling titles to his name, joined Sixense earlier this year from HTC, where he developed and deployed around 50 immersive software solutions for global partnerships in the healthcare, entertainment, gaming, education, and design industries.

It was during his time at HTC that he met the team at Sixense. “They were working across areas such as training, healthcare and retail,” Breton explains. “I was impressed by how much they were doing with a relatively small team. They had been leading the way in immersive tech for a long time, and introduced many of today’s experts to VR, long before the modern headsets came into being.”

“A good example of this innovation is one of the projects that I partnered with Sixense on, MakeVR Pro. It’s a 3D modelling tool that HTC published and Sixense developed that has huge potential in design, 3D printing and education.”

Training and education is one key area of focus for Sixense, says Breton. “Training is of particular interest to us. Immersive tech stands out here because we can model and simulate incredibly complex tasks, in some traditionally difficult-to-replicate environments. And what’s more, VR excels in developing specific trades and skills where you use your hands.”

Healthcare is another key area for Sixense—“we could work for a long time in healthcare and barely scratch the surface,” says Breton.

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“There are also lots of players with compelling models in location-based entertainment right now,” Breton continues, pointing to Universal Studios’s virtual roller coasters and Sandbox VR in Hong Kong, which rocketed to the top of TripAdvisor’s list of the best entertainment in the city only six months after opening. “This area has a very good growth curve ahead of it,” he adds.

Education and training, healthcare and location-based entertainment will be headline topics at xRS Week in October. Breton says the event in San Francisco, which Sixense is sponsoring, represents an opportunity for the company to showcase many of the cutting-edge use cases that it has been working on.

Sixense will have a large presence on the expo floor, and will be participating in a number of talks and panel discussions over the course of the three-day event. He says: “xRS Week brings together a lot of the best minds and executives looking to bring immersive tech into their day-to-day activities and really make a difference to their bottom lines. It’s hard to find conferences that target this specific market and demographic.”

He adds: “We’re also excited to hear from other immersive tech providers and how we can best continue to support them.”

Breton is hosting a webinar on 16 September, in partnership with xRS Week organiser Greenlight Insights, which is aimed at immersive tech developers who have not yet looked to enterprise as a potential market for their solutions.

He says: “The webinar will give developers key learnings and best practices for development and deployment using different engines and platforms, as well as insight into the business side, using examples from education and training, healthcare and location-based entertainment.”

Breton aims to “highlight where success is available to developers today and in the future”.

“We have some very exciting things to announce at upcoming events that will allow us to work with lots of developers and get them involved in enterprise solutions. I want to help these developers figure out how to make successful businesses.”

“There is lots of immersive tech expertise that can be brought into the enterprise market. Developers of immersive tech tend to have a big focus on gaming, but enterprise is a very ready market for their skills that can probably reward them more quickly in the near term.”

Image credit: Sixense Enterprises