Speakers confirmed for xRS Week 2019

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Experts from Microsoft, HP, Facebook, Sixense, HTC, Unity, Unreal, StriVR, Varjo, 42Gears, Pico, The VOID, Variety and WIRED are speaking at xRS Week 2019 in San Francisco next month.

Quick read

➨ xRS Week 2019 is taking place from 16 to 18 October in San Francisco

➨ The event will feature presentations from leading business executives, top industry analysts and global thought-leaders

➨ Presentations will include examples of immersive tech in corporate training, medicine, marketing and much more

The story

Featuring presentations from leading business executives, top industry analysts and global thought-leaders, xRS Week is set to be the premier gathering showcasing the future of immersive technology.

More than 500 executive attendees from more than 20 countries will hear from more than 100 top speakers across a programme with over 50 sessions. The event takes place from 16 to 18 October. Registration is open.

The event includes four distinct programmes: the Experiential Enterprise Summit, the Immersive Media & Entertainment Summit, the Innovation Junto, and new this year, the Immersive Healthcare Symposium.

These programmes will address current and future applications of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) at work and play.

Presentations at xRS Week will include examples of VR and AR in corporate training, medicine, marketing, field service operations, location-based entertainment, mobile, virtual production, and much more.

Sessions will include panel discussions led by Greenlight Insights’ team of analysts, plenary presentations by major industry stakeholders, and deep-dive breakouts with leaders in every aspect of VR and AR strategy development and implementation.

Speakers during xRS Week 2019 include industry leaders from a number of organisations, including HP, Facebook, Sixense, HTC, Unity, StriVR, Varjo,42Gears, Realwear, Ubimax, ScopeAR, The VOID, Variety, WIRED, Applied VR, Survios, Caesars Entertainment, Unreal, Health Scholars, The VR Fund, GFR Fund, ILMxLab, Doghead Simulations, Friends with Holograms, and Greenlight Insights.

In addition to a packed sessions and networking programme, xRS Week will feature a new event this year: the Greenlight Insights 2019 Innovation Awards, which will recognise innovative VR and AR technology and best-in-class industry applications, and be presented to honorees at xRS Week 2019.

Image credit: Matthias Wagner / Unsplash