VRWorldTech Magazine to feature enterprise updates and exclusives

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The first edition of VRWorldTech Magazine will feature in-depth looks at immersive tech in healthcare and location-based entertainment, along with a series of exclusive updates from several enterprises working on applications of virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR).

The digital magazine is being released exclusively to attendees of xRS Week in San Francisco, where developers and business decision-makers will meet to discuss the latest trends in immersive tech.

In healthcare, VRWorldTech Magazine will examine the applications of VR in training medical professionals in the UK and US, including surgeons.

It will also consider the use of VR in mental health therapy and how else the tech could be applied to train medical professionals and treat patients.

The location-based entertainment feature will consider the successful business models at play in a market set to reach an expected value of $3.6 billion this year, and $11.8 billion by 2023.

Original and licensed content providers, as well as the leaps being made in hardware, will be put in the spotlight.

Readers will also be treated to exclusive interviews with enterprise executives and immersive tech developers from around the world, with updates on applications they will not get to see anywhere else.

Jan Pflueger, founder of advisXR and member of the VRWorldTech editorial board, underlined the importance of information resources such as VRWorldTech Magazine to businesses considering and working within immersive tech.

He said: “In this fast-moving world with all the interdependencies between technologies, the emerging and merging fields, it is quite difficult to find the information relevant to your business.”

“Knowing where to get information is essential and there are a few ways to go about it: read the relevant news, such as VRWorldTech, connect to the right people in real life and use social media.”

“Last but not least: get your hands on solutions and in direct exchange with their providers at business events, and visit conferences where you can meet leaders in the area to get inspiration.”

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Image credit: stephan sorkin / Unsplash