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The first ever issue of VRWorldTech Magazine is here.

The focus of this issue, as the cover reveals, is location-based entertainment, an area that Greenlight Insights predicts will be worth $3.6 billion by the end of this year. VRstudios and Zero Latency discuss their multiplayer VR experiences, how they work with operators to deploy the right mix of immersive tech and content, and what the market stands to gain from Big IP.

With so much happening in immersive tech, VRWorldTech Magazine checked in with Mojo Vision, Luxion, Vy, Vobling, Verizon Media and Hyundai to find out how their latest partnerships, product releases and deployments are progressing, what they’ve achieved, and what these brands and developers have in store for the rest of this year and the next.

There is, too, an interview with VRWorldTech editorial board member Jan Pflueger, of advisXR, who gives his take on innovation within immersive tech for enterprise, and how developers can get in front of the right customers.

Inside VRWorldTech Magazine: Issue 1


Mojo Vision: Eyes-up and hands-free

Following a $58 million funding injection, Mojo Vision is pressing ahead with the development of its invisible computing platform


Vy and Vobling: Fighting fire with VR

Ole Johnny Haugen of Vy Group and Anders Ribbing of Bublar Group’s Vobling on training in VR and how it saves time, money and the environment


Luxion: Enterprise-driven updates

A ‘customer-driven’ approach is bringing small but regular updates to KeyVR, according to Jesper Mosegaard, from KeyShot maker Luxion


Hyundai and Live Nation: Get in on the AR

Hyundai Motor America’s partnership with Live Nation is just the beginning of how the automotive manufacturer can utilise AR, says chief marketing officer Dean Evans


Verizon Media: Fun-filled format

Brands increasingly understand the value of immersive advertising, says Jeff Lucas of Verizon Media


Jan Pflueger: Getting ahead, and staying there

Editorial board member Jan Pflueger, of advisXR, gives his take on innovation within immersive tech for enterprise, and how developers can get in front of the right customers


It’s not a game

Providers such as VRstudios and Zero Latency are at the top of their games, while AR is far from the underdog in this competitive space