XR Intelligence webinar looks at helping enterprise to embrace immersive tech

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XR Intelligence on behalf of Reuters Events is holding an exclusive webinar on 15 January that will explore how to help enterprise embrace immersive technology.

Quick read

➨ The webinar is called XR for Enterprise: How to Gain Buy In and Prove its Value

➨ It will take place at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm GMT on 15 January

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The story

XR for Enterprise: How to Gain Buy In and Prove its Value will kick off at 8am PT/11am ET/4pm GMT this Wednesday.

Participants include Shelley Peterson, principal investigator for AR and MR at Lockheed Martin; Stephen Paul, visualisation and immersive technology director at AECOM; and Earl F Sison, senior designer for digital VR and AR development at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The discussion will be moderated by Mark Sage, executive director at The AREA. It will cover: 

  • Proving the benefit: How XR champions, innovation departments, business heads and HR struggle get budget sign off and the process you need to take
  • Identifying the types of return on investment that can be shared within your businesses to help your business case
  • Measuring and prioritising different return on investment metrics, including operational costs, learning retention, customer sales and satisfaction, accuracy and speed of tasks and risk
  • Turning XR into a ‘nice to have’ into ‘need to have’ for management
  • Getting insight on where the biggest hurdles to wider deployment come and how best to navigate them

Register for this exclusive webinar from XR Intelligence today. Those who cannot join live will be sent the recordings once the webinar has run.

Image credit: XR Intelligence