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The entire immersive tech industry, from startup to incumbent, developer to chief executive, is stepping up and being counted, when we all need it most, as the latest issue of VRWorldTech Magazine reveals

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been as widespread as it has been devastating. The wound is still too fresh to consider what opportunities await immersive tech once this crisis has abated, but it’s worth noting the goodwill being shown, through products and services swapped, and knowledge shared. The entire industry, from startup to incumbent, developer to chief executive, is stepping up and being counted, when we all need it most.

This collective, conscious cooperation is why publication of this issue of VRWorldTech Magazine had to be delayed by just over a week for the benefit of contributors, and also why this issue was opened up to press announcements from up and coming immersive tech companies. Please do check out The Reality Wire, which will remain a regular fixture of this publication.

Of course, where this issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses, the retail sector, the impact of the pandemic has been acutely felt, with lockdowns worldwide reducing footfall to zero in every store but supermarkets. Retailers and businesses with online presences were best prepared, but the playing field is relatively level when it comes to immersive tech.

As such, we speak to leaders and experts from London Dynamics, VRdirect, Program-Ace, Vuframe and Vobling to check the pulse of immersive tech development in retail and highlight how VR and AR can be utilised to attract, convert and retain online customers in this new climate.

We also hear from our editorial board on the possibilities available for holding virtual events and conferences, a highly topical subject in the current climate and one that Jan Pflueger and Sophia Moshasha are well placed to comment on. Do read their articles and let us know what you think via social media.

XYZ Reality, SimCentric, DeepMotion, Vortic and Interhaptics update us on their latest partnerships, product releases and deployments, what they’ve achieved, and what they have in store this year and the next.

Inside VRWorldTech Magazine: Issue 3

The Reality Wire

Igloo Vision, KG2 Consulting, So Real, The Wild and Virtualware

This is an immersive world. Here are some of its latest stories


XYZ Reality: Upgrading an industry

The world’s first engineering grade AR headset, and the most accurate

Military and defence

SimCentric: Intelligent immersion

The chief aim is simplicity for end-users—and in sympathy with the realities of those on the ground

Commercial art

Vortic: State of the art

The convenience and cost saving benefits of Vortic’s platform could draw in the crowds, but it’s the ability to create unique experiences that will be its biggest pull

Movement technology

DeepMotion: Learn and move

The new Generative Motion Brain uses an AI to develop motion models through trial and error—so that each iteration brings improvement

Virtual events

Jan Pflueger: Welcome to the Unreal

Virtual events and conferences are all about transferring direct human interaction and delivering an experience of value for attendees

Sophia Moshasha: Pivot Fast—Building immersive virtual events

Organisations need a better understanding of the digital and virtual platform landscape so they can transition quickly during these uncertain times


London Dynamics, VRdirect, Program-Ace, Vuframe and Vobling: A retail of two technologies

When the world moves past the pandemic and life returns to some semblance of normality, retailers and brands will have fresh respect for online channels and how they need to interact with customers in the digital space


Meet: Interhaptics

Interhaptics is a tech company specialising in 3D interactions and haptic feedback development tools for XR