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Featuring in The Reality Wire: Altoura, Ericsson, Carnegie Mellon University, Imeve, Oxford VR, PTC, SimX, The Boundary, University of Barcelona, Virti and Virtual Umbrella

Altoura / Healthcare

Altoura will give free licences for its immersive VR/AR training and collaboration software for use in finding a Covid-19 vaccine and making healthcare supplies.

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Carnegie Mellon University / Research

Today’s VR systems can create immersive visual experiences, but seldom do they enable users to feel anything—particularly walls, appliances and furniture. A new device developed at Carnegie Mellon University, however, uses multiple strings attached to the hand and fingers to simulate the feel of obstacles and heavy objects.

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Ericsson / Hardware and software

How 5G and edge computing can enhance virtual reality: For some time now, 5G has been associated with the promise of new digital applications and services that come with a hyper-connected life. Ericsson has seen that this new technology, which provides ‘perfect’ connectivity, creates new value for both us as individuals and to industries and enterprises.

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Imeve / Manufacturing

US-based Imeve, a company rooted in the former engineering team of Nokia, invented a solution that lives up to the expectations of the professional team of Gain & Co, an independent group of advisers on robotics and automation looking for a virtual means to visit factories closed during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Oxford VR / Healthcare

Oxford VR, the pioneer in evidence-based automated VR therapy and spin-out from Oxford University, has announced the availability of a new whitepaper, Game On. It examines how VR therapy is making mental health treatment more engaging and more effective.

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PTC / Research

PTC and Boston Consulting Group have published the results of a new survey of more than 200 executives from companies using IoT and/or AR solutions. The report, entitled Unleashing the Power of Data with IoT and Augmented Reality, found that 50% of survey respondents have already demonstrated the value of using IoT and AR, while more than 80% of the companies surveyed believe the technology will become the standard in their industry within five years.

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SimX / Healthcare

SimX has announced immediate availability of two free multiplayer VR training cases focused on the evaluation and management of Covid-19. Developed by doctors working in hot zones in Washington and California, these cases allow doctors, nurses, and others to practice PPE, triage, evaluation, and inpatient treatment of Covid-19 patients.

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The Boundary / Real estate

New York City and London-based visualisation company The Boundary has launched a VR platform that allows the user to explore a space in photorealistic CGI VR.

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University of Barcelona / Research

An international group of researchers has published a new paper in the journal Frontiers in Virtual Reality that reflects on the potential ethical problems of the mass use of VR and AR.

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Virti / Healthcare

VR/AR corporate training company Virti has been awarded funding as part of NHSX’s TechForce19 challenge to gain further evidence and scale its Covid-19 health and social care simulations for the health and social care workforce.

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Virtual Umbrella / Best from the web

Virtual Umbrella’s Bertie Mills featured as a guest on Theo Priestley’s podcast. They discuss the current state of the immersive tech industry, and whether it can rise to the challenge under the pandemic.

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