VRARA Global Summit 2020_ keynotes to consider

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From a case study on Korea Telecom’s VR project to Lenovo’s plans for its ThinkReality AR and VR solutions, the planned keynotes announced so far for the online VRARA Global Summit promise a wealth of information and insight for businesses interested in immersive tech 

In brief

➨What? VRARA Global Summit
➨ Where? Online
➨ When? 1 June to 3 June 2020
➨ How much? Free, but paid-for options are available

In full

With the online VR/AR Association (VRARA) Global Summit set to kick off on 1 June, here are five keynotes that caught our eye as ideal opportunities for businesses interested in learning more about immersive tech.


➨ What? Redefining experience with XR: An Enterprise Journey to Virtual Reality with Korea Telecom
➨ When? 1 June @ 2pm to 2.30pm UTC
➨ Where? Click here

Synopsis: “An introduction to Korea Telecom and how and why they are working in the XR business.”

Speaker: Joonmo Park, VR/AR/MR Initiatives, Korea Telecom

Park will use his keynote speech at the VRARA Global Summit to discuss Korea Telecom’s VR project and how the company has applied VR, AR and MR to diverse industries. It will be an interesting watch for any business looking to learn more about what immersive tech can achieve at the moment. Last month, Korea Telecom used its own VR hardware, along with the Engage platform, to formalise a new partnership Taiwan’s Far EasTone Telecommunications Co, an agreement that will facilitate worldwide sale of its 5G video conference application, which uses 3D and AR and allows up to eight people to meet.


➨ What? Scaling Enterprise AR and VR Solutions during a Pandemic—Optimizing for Now, and Preparing for the Future
➨ When? 1 June @ 10am to 10.30am UTC
➨ Where? Click here

Synopsis: “Given the world’s current pandemic situation where there are travel restrictions and the increased need for remote work, remote assistance, training and the reskilling of millions in the workforce, it is now more important than ever for companies to have enterprise ready, easy to deploy digital solutions.”

Speaker: Nathan Pettyjohn, Commercial AR/VR Lead, Lenovo

Pettyjohn will underline how AR and VR have proven to show value within many critical enterprise sectors, including manufacturing, architecture, engineering, construction, energy and utilities. He will discuss the current global situation and how customers are deploying solutions such as remote assistance, guided workflows, remote collaboration, and training programmes to improve productivity, reduce errors, increase learning retention, and decrease service resolution times. Pettyjohn will also announce new ThinkReality solutions for AR and VR that make it easier than ever for enterprises to deploy these solutions at scale.


➨ What? Immersive Platforms Implementation Strategy—Framework and Features of an Unrivaled XR Program
➨ When? 2 June @ 1pm to 1.30pm UTC
➨ Where? Click here

Synopsis: “Learn how institutes and organisations can implement a successful immersive programme. The talk will shed light on a comprehensive approach, features to look for, roll-out strategy, and more.”

Speaker: Dr Sana Farid, Co-Founder and CEO, Munfarid

Dr Farid, as co-founder and chief executive officer of Munfarid, a company focusing on improving education and healthcare through immersive tech, is well placed to take VRARA Global Summit attendees through the process of understanding and applying XR across a range of enterprise sectors. She predominantly supports government and non-governmental initiatives to emphasise the role of AR and VR adaptation across different industries, while using her deep tech knowledge for societal wellbeing through immersive learning programmes.


➨ What? How Innovations in AR Have Attracted New Audiences & Engagement
➨ When? 1 June @ 10.30pm to 11.30pm UTC
➨ Where? Click here

Synopsis: “Hear details of challenges, successes, and failures that can help guide other teams interested in exploring the future of storytelling in augmented reality.”

Speaker: Ray Soto, Director of Emerging Tech, USA Today

USA Today’s award-winning emerging technologies team has developed more than 10 interactive AR projects in 2019. Its goal was to stress test their capabilities, build a better understanding of audience engagement, and determine what type of stories work best in the new and evolving medium. At the VRARA Global Summit, Soto will share insights into how USA Today’s emerging tech team integrated a games-like development workflow into the newsroom and provide details of challenges, successes, and failures that can help guide other teams interested in exploring the future of storytelling in AR.


➨ What? How Digitalization, Environmental Sustainability and Inequality Reduction can be Improved by Immersive Technologies
➨ When? 3 June @ 1pm to 1.30pm UTC
➨ Where? Click here

Synopsis: “Immerse technologies will be crucial for the new world and the crisis only boosted the necessity of speed and scale up our community in different business models, applications and formats.”

Speaker: Haroldo Sato, Board Member and Global Senior Adviser, Motion Sphere

As an entrepreneur, board member and international adviser, Sato has assisted more than 50 organisations with a range of tasks, from corporate governance to global business development. He will assess important global trends, arguably exacerbated by the current crisis, and what businesses can achieve if they incorporate immersive tech into their corporate social responsibility programmes.

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