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Meet Israel-headquartered TetaVi, the 22-strong pioneer perfecting volumetric capture for immersive media

VRWT: What is the background of TetaVi?

The founders of TetaVi, Dr Miky Tamir, who also set up Orad, SportVu and Pixellot, and Micha Birnboim, foresaw the evolution from 2D video to 4D volumetric video.

Volumetric video can be experienced from any perspective, anytime, without limiting one’s point-of-view. It can be combined with computer graphics (2D or 3D) or 2D video can be viewed on flat screens, mobile screens, 3D displays and VR/AR headsets.

In 2016, they set up TetaVi to perfect volumetric capture for immersive media.

Today, TetaVi creates high-fidelity holograms from real people that can be experienced from any perspective in AR and VR. Talent can choose their environment and control what the audience experiences. For example, a musician can virtually perform on top of a mountain and in the same clip they can be placed in the middle of a club. They get to control the lighting, sound and interactions in the virtual space.

The music clip can then be consumed by countless fans who will feel the talent from any angle and are able walk around them. The crowd can also interact with each other, all while they are at home. The opportunities are endless.

VRWT: What does TetaVi do?

TetaVi offers a full volumetric video capture production chain: from the proprietary capture stage, through the AI-based algorithms to the high-fidelity content that can be consumed on smart devices. The unique technology allows best-in-class video in high frame-rate while keeping the system low-cost and portable using only four to eight depth cameras with no green screen backdrop or specific environment requirements.

TetaVi portable studio
TetaVi portable studio

Our system captures the nuances, movements and speech of an actor, athlete, or musician and brings the personalised experience directly to the consumer. We collaborate with content creators and studios that want to produce realistic human immersive experiences.

Designed to be mobile, which is crucial during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the studio can be brought to any location. Since we use only four to eight depth cameras and no green screen, the system can be set up and dismantled in about three to five hours. We are a dynamic startup and have the flexibility to offer scale for high performance on-location requirements such as fast sports action, gaming as well as in-studio performances.

VRWT: What problems does your solution solve?

Sports teams, the broadcast industry and brands want to break through the noise and reinvent themselves. They are discovering that volumetric video can help them create new media touchpoints. With TetaVi, customers and fans can interact with their favourite athlete, TV personality or musician from their home. It’s simple as most smartphones can support AR applications. With the roll out of 5G, VR and AR will be adopted even quicker.

TetaVi offers high frame rate and real-time streaming capabilities and helps bridge the physical and virtual worlds by capturing the nuances, movements and speech of an actor, athlete, or musician, and bringing a personalised experience directly to the consumer.

Our portable easy-to-install studio also enables people to experience entertainment and participate in other activities remotely. For example, they can experience sitting next to other people and enjoy a virtual concert, use telepresence, participate in virtual group training, enjoy gaming, and much more.

VRWT: How receptive are your clients to immersive tech?

TetaVi’s customers and collaborations in the EU, Asia Pacific and US span entertainment, sports, fashion and telecommunications. There is a growing need to connect with audiences, tell stories and create brand excitement. Feedback has been unanimous: volumetric capture is changing the way we connect with each other.

Content creators that want to add an affordable portable real-time volumetric studio to their offering have embraced our solution. 

We are dedicated to our customers success so we offer unwavering support at set-up, during processing, and we’re involved in helping them create the production ecosystem and bundling products to their customers.

TetaVi Studio in Tokyo. TetaVi co-exists with other systems that require green screens.
TetaVi Studio in Tokyo. TetaVi co-exists with other systems that require green screens

VRWT: What do you offer to help your clients get the most out of your solutions?

TetaVi’s in-house team of multi-disciplinary experts have backgrounds in film and storytelling, VFX and special effects, telecommunications, gaming, immersive media, sports and broadcasting.

We have hands-on production and distribution experience, so it’s fun collaborating with partners and customers to help bring immersive content to market. For example, we captured the Maccabi national basketball players to create a location-based gaming app, we collaborated with the president of Israel to bring his message to the masses via a web AR experience, and, most recently, we partnered with a studio in Los Angeles that will offer TetaVi’s volumetric service to create digital assets for virtual concerts and performances.

We also offer close support for setting up or dismantling our portable studio. Now that all interactions have become virtual, it’s very easy to support our partners abroad and to offer assistance whenever needed.

TetaVi remote capture
TetaVi remote capture

VRWT: What do you have in store for 2020?

We already have TetaVi studios in Japan and the US, and you can look forward to seeing new studios in South Korea, the US, Israel and Spain.

Also in store are immersive experiences that will come to life using 5G, which is enabling improved streaming of XR content.

VRWT: How can interested parties get in touch?

To experience a demo and to learn more, please write to us directly at You can also learn more about TetaVi by visiting our website at, and by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.