Oculus Quest 2 to arrive on 13 October

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Oculus Quest 2 has the potential to become your new laptop or smartphone, and transform how you work in the future

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➨ Oculus Quest 2 will ship on 13 October and has already opened for pre-orders
➨ The new headset will start at $299 for the 64GB version
➨ Features for work and enterprise applications include Infinite Office

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Oculus Quest 2 will ship on 13 October and has already opened for pre-orders, Mark Zuckerberg revealed at Facebook Connect today. Several accessories and hardware upgrades promise to make the new headset a premier device for work and enterprise applications.

Available for $299—$100 less than the original Quest, Zuckerberg was keen to point out—Quest 2 debuts the new XR-2 processor from Qualcomm.

This upgrade will deliver twice the CPU and GPU performance of the processor in the original Oculus Quest headset, and “marks an incredible milestone” in virtual reality, according to Hugo Swart, head of XR at Qualcomm Technologies.

A new display features 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye and 50% more pixels than the original Quest. With increased graphics processing power, the new display is capable of supporting 90 Hz. System applications will run on this from launch, and developers will get access soon.

The controllers have been redesigned for better ergonomics, the headset itself is 10% lighter than the original Quest, and the built-in IPD adjustment mechanism offers three settings so that users can adjust lens position for visual comfort.

Several new accessories will accompany Oculus Quest 2, including an elite strap that contains an additional battery, which will increase the device’s runtime and bring better balance to the headset.

Zuckerberg said the first Oculus Quest was a game-changer for VR, becoming the premier standalone device, with more than 35 titles available and over $150 million spent on content. Oculus Quest 2 represents “another big step forward”, he claimed.

This claim certainly looks like a possible reality for work and enterprise applications.

The performance upgrades in Oculus Quest 2 make the headset a much better fit for work and enterprise applications than its predecessor, which is already emerging as a leader among standalone virtual reality headsets.

In particular, the extra battery and elite strap, as well as the XR-2 processor, will mean Oculus Quest 2 can run “heavier apps more smoothly”, according to Maria Fernandez Guajardo, director of product management at Facebook Reality Labs. “This will push standalone VR to new limits.”

Fernandez Guajardo used her contribution to the keynote presentation at Facebook Connect to confirm that updates are planned for Oculus Business, potentially developing the enterprise platform into something more akin to an ecosystem.

Most intriguing was Fernandez Guajardo’s announcement about Infinite Office, a collection of features that will transform Oculus Quest 2 into a virtual desktop device.

To be released over the coming months, Infinite Office features include multiple displays, which can be attached to real surfaces to create a virtual workspace based on a physical environment.

Thanks to a new partnership with Logitech, Infinite Office is getting its own accessory in the form of a keyboard that can be used for text input in virtual reality. As Fernandez Guajardo pointed out: “One of the biggest barriers [for virtual reality] has been text input.”

The Logitech keyboard has the potential to transform Oculus Quest 2 into the first true virtual reality computing device. When coupled with the multiple displays, could these updates enable the headset to become your new laptop or smartphone, which have proven so transformative for how we work?

Check out this experimental application of the Spatial collaboration platform to see how the new headset could be used to enhance your working life in the not-too distant future.

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