Librestream wins Renault Trucks contract, Avatar Dimension to open volumetric capture studio 1

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Librestream wins Renault Trucks contract, Avatar Dimension to open volumetric capture studio, Blend Media launches marketplace and VResorts brings travel and holiday shopping to virtual reality

Librestream wins Renault Trucks contract for Onsight remote expert software

The Onsight remote expert software of Librestream, a provider of augmented worker enterprise solutions, has been integrated into Renault Trucks’s Optiview offering. 

Renault Trucks, a manufacturer of light and heavy goods vehicles and transport solutions, has rolled out its Optiview across its 71-strong network of UK and Ireland dealers.

In addition to software from Librestream, the Optiview service also integrates RealWear HMT-1 headsets. Together, they combine to create a solution that enables Renault Trucks to provide a hands-free remote support service for its dealerships.

With standing costs at $450/day on average, the downtime impact adds up quickly for owners. Using Librestream Onsight remote expert software, dealership technicians can immediately collaborate with Renault Trucks engineers via their computer or mobile devices.

The teams can talk, see live video, and draw on screen to expedite asset inspections, equipment diagnostics and warranty claims.

Andrew Walker, technical and warranty manager at Renault Trucks, said: “Prior to Optiview, approximately 10-15% of warranty-based service calls required one of our specialised field engineers to travel to the dealership. With this new service, we expect a five-fold reduction of in-person visits, resulting in significant time savings for all parties—owners, dealerships and Renault Trucks.”

“Other benefits from this approach to customer support will be a reduction in green-house emissions with fewer miles travelled, which meets the Renault Trucks vision of improvements for the global environment.”

Using Optiview, dealership technicians can extend collaboration to include colleagues in other dealership locations for cross-training and troubleshooting. In the future, dealerships are also considering opportunities to work directly with owners who experience breakdowns on the road. 

The global expansion of Optiview across other Renault Trucks geographies is a natural next step and regional trials are already underway.

Mike Murphy, vice president of international operations at Librestream, stated: “Renault Trucks has sent a strong message of investment and innovation to their dealerships and customers in the UK and Ireland. With Optiview, they have invested in higher levels of service that will differentiate them in the market.”

“Being selected as the enabling technology for this solution is an honour and we look forward to working with Renault Trucks as they expand their deployment across other geographic regions.”

Jon Arnold, vice president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at RealWear, said: “We’re thrilled that Renault Trucks selected RealWear’s HMT-1 hands-free collaboration headsets with Librestream to be deployed across the UK and Ireland.”

“This is an inspiring example of how our reality-first, voice-enabled device can be seamlessly integrated into operations to improve productivity while empowering the first-line worker to achieve even more.”

Click here for more information on the Librestream platform, or sign up for the Remote Expert Accelerator Program to experience the solution for free.

Avatar Dimension to open volumetric capture studio in Washington DC

Microsoft has selected Avatar Dimension, a partnership of three well-established technology companies, as the exclusive licensee for its volumetric capture technology in Washington DC.

After a rigorous testing process, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios certified the new studio, which is now ready to enter into full operation.

Avatar Dimension builds on the strength of Avatar Studios of St Louis, Dimension Studio of the UK and Sabey Data Centers of Seattle, and will operate from a brand-new studio in Ashburn, Virginia, located within Sabey’s Intergate Ashburn data centre complex.

Utilising Microsoft’s best-in-class software and the brand new Volucam cameras from IO Industries, the company will create holographic and volumetric content for government, business enterprises and immersive agencies, with a special emphasis on immersive and mixed reality training.

Volumetric capture turns humans and objects into holographic 3D images that look real from any 360-degree angle. There are rapidly growing commercial and enterprise needs to blend the physical world with digital to serve their customers, ranging from enterprise life-like training taught anywhere on the planet, healthcare for advanced learning, military, entertainment of all kinds, and more.

Avatar Dimension will open the doors of its new studio in the coming months in Washington DC to serve the east coast and other global needs. The choice of Washington DC puts the studio near enterprise, military centres, healthcare companies and entertainment.

“Avatar Dimension is built on decades of experience for leading brands,” explained chief executive officer Dennis Bracy. “Our studio results are realistic and engrossing. For enterprise operations looking for truly innovative ways to have a meaningful effect with their audiences, this is the future.”

Simon Windsor, co-founder and joint managing director of Dimension, added: “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Avatar Studios and Sabey Data Center to launch an East Coast studio. Volumetric capture is essential for powerful new virtual experiences across all categories. From the Madonna holograms we created for the Billboard Music Awards to the Covid training created for the UK’s National Health Service, volumetric and real-time technologies are raising the bar for user engagement, with new possibilities emerging every day.”

Blend Media launches marketplace to connect enterprise and creators

Blend Media, an immersive content provider that counts Facebook, Google, Disney and L’Oreal as clients, has launched Blend Market, a new single platform that connects brands and businesses with skilled creators and creative solutions.

Blend Market is the first immersive marketplace dedicated to connecting clients with a global community of thousands of skilled creators and solution-providers with hundreds of relevant skills across the entire augmented, virtual, mixed reality and 3D spectrum.

The launch follows a successful beta phase during which more than 700 brands and immersive technology creators signed up to the service, including global media platforms, publishers, music labels, film studios and professional services firms such as Deloitte, LADbible and Bill Kenwright Limited.

The platform’s mission is to make immersive content, creators and solutions accessible to everyone. A scalable proprietary marketplace, Blend Market’s features include:

➨ Project brief builder, guiding clients through the immersive briefing process 

➨ Real-time chat for messaging and project communication

➨ File sharing for contracts, quotes and project deliverables

➨ Automated project workflow including payments, milestones, and approvals

➨ Creator portfolios

➨ Client and creator reviews

➨ Automation of the procurement process 

➨ Project referral programme

Damian Collier, founder and chief executive officer at Blend Media, said: “Immersive technology, or extended reality as it has become known, is an exciting, high-growth industry, with an explosion in hundreds of thousands of skilled creators. However, it is also a sector that is highly fragmented and, as such, requires an effective means of connecting.”

“That’s why we first built our VR content licensing platform which has been a market leader since 2016 and why we’ve now built and launched Blend Market, to facilitate working relationships between businesses wishing to incorporate immersive solutions into their workflows and the creative professionals that can execute on those ambitions on a global scale. We look forward to enabling these fruitful partnerships through this new online marketplace.”

Joe Williams, immersive tech lead at LADbible Group, said: “For the creation of our branded Snapchat AR lens it was important to tap into content trends. We wanted to ensure we had access to creators that were growing their immersive skills and abilities and could match our ambition for the project. By putting our brief on Blend Market we were able to match our project with the best possible creator and the result was outstanding.”

Click here to find out more about Blend Market and how it works.

VResorts brings travel and holiday shopping to virtual reality

VResorts, a commerce and content innovator that caters to resorts and hotels, has launched an immersive booking platform, enabling travellers to choose their destinations and purchase their vacations from within virtual reality. 

The content creation and meta-search platform allows travellers to experience high-quality immersive experiences before purchase, ensuring a competitive edge for hotels and resorts that are on the platform. 

Disruptive innovation in hospitality distribution channels has been limited to the rise of online travel agencies in the mid-90s and, more than a decade later, the evolution to mobile booking platforms.

VResorts is introducing virtual reality commerce, for offline goods and services, as a new concept to pioneer the new age of e-commerce businesses.

Virtual reality commerce perfectly combines the benefits of online and offline shopping in one platform. It provides consumers the convenience to shop from home and compare prices, while engaging with the product or service on a sensory level.

VResorts’s platform helps users to ‘pre-experience’ the destination and facilities, eliminating the need for lengthy, unnecessary content.

Hotels and resorts benefit from an immersive experience that can be used as a powerful sales and marketing tool, elevating the brand offering and personalisation of the product. 

Initially developed for travel bookings, this technology can also be applied to any product or service across any industry and users can experience it from the comfort of their homes.

Vladimir Varnavskii, founder of VResorts, said: “We believe virtual reality bookings, and indeed commerce, is the most immediate beneficiary of the coronavirus pandemic. Consumers demand the ability to interact with brands in the format most convenient and natural to them and we believe that VR commerce for offline goods and services is simply catering to this need.”

Hotels and resorts are automatically listed on the platform and so will have access to a new channel of engagement with customers. They also can upgrade the traditional content to immersive virtual reality stories to increase sales by virtue of the ‘try before you buy’ pre-experience of virtual reality.

VResorts has launched an app for the various virtual reality app stores, starting with SideQuest.