MANUS Prime II gloves now available for €1,499 1

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MANUS Prime II gloves now available for €1,499, KP9 Interactive partners with IBM to turbocharge WorldCAST engine, SkyReal offers free HP Reverb G2 with every new SkyReal VR commercial licence, and Invonto to carry on raising virtual reality awareness

MANUS Prime II gloves now available for €1,499

MANUS, an immersive technology developer specialised in high-fidelity finger tracking, is offering its Prime II gloves at the new lower price of €1,499.

The price drop is part of its mission to deliver the best tracking experience for companies across entertainment, education, and training. 

Bart Loosman, chief executive officer at MANUS, said: “We at MANUS are super excited about our new pricing, making high-end finger tracking more accessible for creators and developers.”

“We felt that the market was waiting for someone to break the mold on expensive tracking hardware, and we felt that should be us.”

More powerful versions of the gloves, such as the Prime Xsens, are also available. Prime Xsens gloves have recently been used in a John Legend virtual concert, tracking the performers with precision. Due to the direct implementation of the Manus gloves inside of Xsens MVN software, there was no major change in the pipeline created for this project. The concert has since been seen by 753,350, with positive reviews of the virtual experience. 

Customers can now buy the MANUS Prime II for €1,499, the Prime II Haptic for €2,499, or the Prime II Xsens (with MANUS Core) for €3,990.

Customers can also take advantage of a range of software that improves the immersive experience, such as MANUS Core, the data-handling software behind MANUS. The software comes with four key features: glove data handling, Polygon IK-solver, FBX recorder, and multiple tracking system support. 

Manus Core is available for €499 annually, or €1,499 for a perpetual licence.

KP9 Interactive partners with IBM to turbocharge WorldCAST engine

KP9 Interactive is partnering with IBM to boost its newly released WorldCAST engine.

The WorldCAST engine is a content platform that allows users to create, publish, and share immersive print-based, product visualisation, and geo-based content using augmented reality in three online studios: PrintCAST, ShowCAST, and GeoCAST.

The WorldCAST engine places the power of augmented reality into the hands of digital content creators, agencies, marketers, and the general public so they can reach today’s digital consumer with a library of 3D animation displays, images, video, buttons, and audio, with no app download or coding experience needed.

WorldCAST also features a free version, so users can create interactive content without having to invest the resources needed to use augmented reality technology.

Commenting on the cloud partnership with IBM, KP9 chief executive officer Wil McReynolds said it “will allow us to leverage the power of their AI for our systems”.

He continued: “It will give new and existing WorldCAST users the confidence they can scale their experiences across the world for everyone to access at the same speed for rich augmented reality content consumption.”

“This also gets our platform in front of other prolific businesses that deal with IBM—opportunities we just wouldn’t have otherwise. I am very pleased to have our WorldCAST engine running on IBM cloud services.”

As part of the partnership, IBM will “leverage IBM Marketing to generate visibility and interest in KP9 with IBM customers and our 25,000+ sales people,” said Randy Milthorpe, IBM Cloud platform channel sales manager for Canada and the Caribbean.

Milthorpe said KP9 is now positioned “at the forefront of a strongly growing marketing capability, which has greater relevance in the ‘shop at home’ and the need for a differentiated marketing world that is upon us with Covid”.

SkyReal offers free HP Reverb G2 with every new SkyReal VR commercial licence

SkyReal, a software publisher specialising in virtual reality for engineering, is offering a free HP Reverb G2 headset (standard edition) with every new SkyReal VR commercial licence purchased between now and 15 December 2020.

The offer follows SkyReal becoming a member of the HP independent software vendor programme.

While the HP Reverb G2 is for both consumer and professional use, SkyReal will take full advantage of this new competitively priced headset to offer it to its engineering customers worldwide.

Thanks to its plug and play approach and inside out tracking, the HP Reverb G2 allows companies to deploy SkyReal’s software throughout their organisations, to allow engineers to collaborate in virtual reality on site or at home.

Hugo Falgarone, founder of SkyReal, said: “We are delighted with this new partnership with HP. Our SkyReal software together with the Reverb G2 headset means we can offer a complete, high-value solution.”

“It is also a real breakthrough for the industry at a time when engineers’ need for mobility and flexibility means that they need to find new ways to collaborate, often when home based because of Covid restrictions.”

“We have seen in these difficult times that users want an easy to use VR headset for home use, which the Reverb G2 is ideal, so we went ahead and gave one with each new licence purchased to help engineers get productive again! That way they don’t have to worry about using the right VR headset or having the extra expense of purchasing one themselves.”

Invonto to carry on raising VR awareness

Invonto, a virtual reality app developer, is taking its awareness roadshows virtual.

Invonto hosts roadshow events at venues across New York and New Jersey to raise awareness about the numerous benefits virtual reality presents for businesses and consumers.

The company kicked off its new initiative in several on-premise and off-premise locations, including local community events. Participants gain first-hand experience in virtual reality technology using Oculus Quest and Invonto’s own apps.

But in response to rising Covid-19 cases and local restrictions, Invonto has decided to postpone hosting any public events indefinitely. Instead, Invonto will offer virtual demonstrations for enterprises interested in learning more about the benefits of virtual reality for their businesses.

Maulik Shah, chief executive officer of Invonto, said: “Our VR Roadshow events have been highly engaging, interactive, and informative for our team as well as participants. There have been a lot of exchanges of ideas and how VR can be a useful technology for addressing many of the complex business use cases.”

“VR has gained popularity over the past few months since businesses are exploring new ways to improve team collaboration while working remotely. We can not organise any in-person VR events at this time but, we will continue to educate our audiences through our virtual events.”

With its virtual demonstrations, Invonto plans to showcase the various capabilities of the technology, including training simulations, plan visualisation, 360° walkthroughs, 3D modelling, geolocation apps, live-action applications, work collaboration solutions, and gaming applications.