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NXRT, the mixed reality company that can turn actual vehicles into simulators, is moving onto the next stage of its development after raising additional capital and funds

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➨ NXRT has raised more than €1.5 million in equity capital and innovation funds
➨ The mixed reality company develops real-car-as-a-simulator technology
➨ Its founders plan to boost its international profile and grow beyond its base in Austria

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NXRT, the mixed reality company behind real-car-as-a-simulator technology, is eyeing a strengthened international profile and growth beyond its base in Austria after raising more than €1.5 million in equity capital and innovation funds.

Key partner and railway engineering company Rhomberg Sersa Rail Group participated in the investment round.

NXRT, launched in 2014 by Lukas Stranger, Alexis Kopciak, Martin Wagner, and Patrick Kolar, now serves a range of clients in the automotive and railway sectors.

The mixed reality company does this in two ways. A sophisticated software solution, the RT Editor Suite, supports the efficient and straightforward creation of a variety of driving scenarios.

MISHBILD MR, meanwhile, uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic, interactive mixed reality simulations, combining virtual reality and the real world.

The technology can either be used to build otherwise expensive simulator cockpit replicas at a low cost, or turn actual vehicles into simulators with proprietary vehicle-mounted sensor components.

NXRT’s technology can be used to turn actual vehicles into simulators with proprietary vehicle-mounted sensor components

They established their expertise in this area by devising one of the first virtual reality driving simulators in Europe and aiming to achieve a low simulation sickness rate, an interactive environment and high user satisfaction.

Alexis Kopciak, chief technology officer at NXRT, said: “Amongst other things, these are the most important and most underestimated hygiene factors in the industry.”

“Quite a lot of VR applications are developed without consideration for the needs and constraints of the end-users which in turn leaves behind ‘scorched earth’ and scepticism. We offer all-inclusive products, with a clear focus on compatibility and high user-friendliness.”

NXRT’s founders believe their technology holds the key to making simulation and virtual reality “more accessible to the public”.

Stranger, co-chief executive officer of NXRT, said: “Automation of vehicles and industries is advancing at an ever-faster rate. These developments require new solutions—not only during the development process but also to help people be prepared for the latest technologies and advancements. The time has come to revisit the subject of simulation and virtual reality and make it more accessible to the public.”

“Technological innovations do not exist in a vacuum and should not become an end in itself. We want to transform technology into something understandable, accessible, and useful.”

Wagner, co-chief executive officer, continued: “It has always been our priority to make simulations palpable. Creating VR-optimised virtual worlds used to be the exclusive domain of renowned specialists and required the use of complicated programs and expensive infrastructure. We wanted to change that.”

NXRT also develops solutions for aviation and traffic safety and is currently open to further cooperation partnerships.

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