VRWorldTech Magazine 5_ military-precision potential

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The fifth issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on virtual, augmented and mixed reality applications in military and defence, checking in with Red 6, the US Army, Lockheed Martin and Command Sight

Immersive technology has moved toward the mainstream. That’s in part thanks to the likes of Oculus Quest 2 and sharp drops in hardware costs, a rise in available software and an increasing need for digital solutions, but also because the word has spread and enterprises are opening up about why and how they’ve adopted virtual, augmented or mixed reality, or a host of other immersive technologies. That’s a big change—and one the team at VRWorldTech is proud to have played a part in.

This has been acutely apparent in military and defence, where this issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses, with the US military surprisingly vocal about its motivations, plans and efforts in technology modernisation.

We hear from the US Army on the Integrated Visual Augmentation System and how it’s set to enter the field in 2021, as well as Command Sight and the work being done to develop augmented reality goggles for military working dogs. Both are bold projects, so it’s refreshing to be able to learn about them in detail and find out how immersive technology is being put to work in this context.

Immersive technology company Red 6 and defence and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin also feature in our military and defence focus, capping off an in-depth look at the cutting-edge work being done in this exciting space.

Inside VRWorldTech Magazine: Issue 5

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Military and defence / Editor’s comment

A public-private partnership is crucial, with the military customer and defence provider working hand-in-hand to take the raw potential of immersive technology and make it useful and valuable

Military and defence / US Army

Soldier-centred design and an organisational appetite for rapid development sees the US Army readying the Integrated Visual Augmentation System for deployment in the field in the latter part of 2021

Military and defence / Red 6

To say that the Airborne Tactical Augmented Reality System works outdoors and in a dynamic environment severely underestimates the scale of Red 6’s achievement. Immersive technology has now conquered the skies

Military and defence / Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is home to the Collaborative Human Immersive Lab, where the company’s engineers and designers build the spaceships and weapons of the future

Military and defence / Command Sight

Command Sight’s augmented reality technology holds the potential to bridge the communication gap between animal and human in a way that will transform military and law enforcement groups that work with dogs

Developer / Ellinogermaniki Agogi

Meet Ellinogermaniki Agogi, a school in Greece with its own research and development department doing cutting edge research in education with virtual and augmented reality technologies