Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation 1

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Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation, Guardhat and Vuzix team up to release smart glasses for workers, Commonwealth Senior Living brings MyndVR to four US states, and Blue Hat to introduce AR games to three preschools in China

Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation 2

Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation

Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America is collaborating with Phiar, developer of edge spatial-artificial intelligence (AI) technology and an augmented reality navigation platform, to expand driver safety and navigation support in its automotive solutions.   

Phiar’s deep learning AI technology runs on automotive infotainment systems, detects and analyses the driver’s surroundings in real-time, and combines it with 3D localisation of the vehicle to provide augmented guidance and safety information.

It utilises map and navigation data from leading map platforms to offer live visual navigation with traffic and other contextual data. 

Andrew Poliak, chief technology officer for Panasonic Automotive, says: “Panasonic looks for products that have the flexibility to integrate multiple solutions depending on our OEM customer requirements, and we liked that Phiar can work with any map or routing solution.”

“Phiar’s technology provides the glue that links Panasonic’s key technologies to deliver a superior solution with object and pedestrian detection, scene understanding and AI-driven AR navigation—a perfect fit for OEMs looking to make advances in the next generation of in-vehicle user experience.”

Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation 3

Guardhat and Vuzix team up to release smart glasses for workers

Guardhat is launching new smart glasses-based solutions that ensure the safety and productivity of front-line workers.

The new offering is a result of a partnership between Guardhat and Vuzix Corporation.

Both glasses solutions provide hands-free operation, voice commands, wireless connectivity, and interoperability with Guardhat’s general-purpose industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform, Kyra.

Using Kyra, Vuzix’s smart glasses connect to Guardhat’s Theia app, which allows users to track real-time location with inbuilt GPS.

Additional key features include wireless connectivity over Wi-Fi with offline operation when disconnected, VOIP audio-visual communications/telephony, and local media capture (images and video) with sync to Kyra backend. Those wearing these glasses can also call for help by sounding the panic alarm using voice activation or the dedicated button.

Anupam Sengupta, co-founder and chief product officer at Guardhat, says: “We are thankful for the partnership with Vuzix, which allows us to better support a critical population of people working tirelessly throughout the ongoing pandemic.”

“We continue to look for creative ways to leverage our technology to keep front-line workers safe every day, and these smart glasses are the next step in that evolution.”

The glasses, provided by Vuzix, include two wearable variants, the HG1 Smart Glasses (Vuzix M400) and the HG2 Smart Glasses (Vuzix M4000).

The key differentiator between these two glasses is that the HG2 comes with a see-through waveguide display. The HG2 also comes with a larger WVGA 16×9 854×480 colour display.

Both devices use the cutting-edge Qualcomm XR platform, which makes them perform better than the competition.

Paul Travers, chief executive officer at Vuzix, says: “The Guardhat app, Theia, brings with it real-time situational awareness that provides our smart glasses wearers with important heads-up and hands free information about their work environments that enhances enterprise worker productivity and safety.”

“Vuzix looks forward to supporting GuardHat as they continue to roll out their Vuzix Smart Glasses-based solutions to enterprise workplaces.”

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Commonwealth Senior Living brings MyndVR to four US states

Commonwealth Senior Living is partnering with MyndVR to bring virtual reality to all of its senior living communities in the US States of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Tennessee.

MyndVR has developed an advanced virtual reality system of the same name that is designed specifically for seniors. It features immersive experiences in the fields of travel, pets, music/arts, nature, learning, and adventure. Content includes both licensed and original features for users to enjoy.

Earl Parker, president and chief operating officer of Commonwealth, says: “Commonwealth has built a national reputation for bringing innovative new technologies into our communities. Since our founding in 2002, our team has continuously raised the bar for providing our residents with incredible programming that enhances their quality of life.”

“The introduction of MyndVR to Commonwealth demonstrates our commitment to introducing research-based programs that will have a positive impact on our residents and their families.”

Paula Harder, vice president of resident programmes at Commonwealth, adds: “The health and safety of our residents is of paramount importance to us. Covid-19 has meant that we are not able to provide residents with regular outings outside of our communities. MyndVR is one more way that we are bringing the outside world to them.”

“Over the past month, resident feedback has been extraordinary. We are grateful that we were able to roll out the technology across all of our communities so quickly.”

Chris Brickler, chief executive officer of MyndVR, says: “We are thrilled to be working with Commonwealth Senior Living, providing their residents with our immersive technology to help them transcend their four walls during the global pandemic.”

“We know we can quickly change the reality of thousands of residents in a short time. I am proud of the MyndVR and Commonwealth teams for launching such a massive roll-out in just four weeks.”

Panasonic Automotive partners with Phiar on AI-powered AR vehicle navigation 5

Blue Hat to introduce AR games to three preschools in China

Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology will deliver augmented reality-powered immersive games to three preschools in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Xiaodong Chen, chief executive officer of Blue Hat, a producer, developer and operator of augmented reality interactive entertainment games, toys and educational materials in China, says: “I am pleased with Blue Hat’s cooperation with three preschools in Guangzhou. At present, we have another eight preschools providing in-course demonstrations and teaching experiments.”

“The Augmented Reality Immersive Class (ARIC) is getting widely praised by teachers and students. The successful reception and multiple launches encourage us to seek further developments in preschools and early education institutions in the Greater Bay Area.”

Chen explains the benefits of augmented reality-powered immersive games for learning: “Our programmes are individualised for each specific preschool or institution, and take into account the best methods to engage children and foster increased participation. They can experience all-around exercises in the play and social activities.”

“We are happy that ARIC is rapidly being accepted by early education institutions and we expect to follow up the service and optimise class contents. Our ultimate goal is to bring benefits to preschools and early education institutions as well as teachers and students.”