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Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses, Marxent secures series C financing for 3D commerce expansion, PrecisionOS receives investment from Parvizi Surgical Innovation, and ThirdEye completes mixed reality enterprise offering with software suite

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 4

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses

Immersive technology startup Rokid has officially unveiled its latest mixed reality binocular glasses, Rokid Vision 2.

Combining augmented reality and artificial intelligence capabilities, Rokid Vision 2 integrates mixed reality with the real world to improve productivity and provide immersive experiences for users.

The 4G and 5G device is designed for cultural tourism, exhibition/museums, healthcare, industrial uses, and several other industries.

Hardware features

Rokid Vision 2 is lightweight and can be folded like an ordinary pair of glasses. The display uses the world’s leading diffractive optical waveguide technology with a light transmittance of 85% and 40° field of view (FoV), equivalent to viewing a 120-inch TV that is 4 meters away.

The dual directional speakers create a top-quality immersive experience for users. Furthermore, the hands-free voice control interface with dual microphones can accurately detect voice commands in any environment.

Through producing the Vision series, Rokid has concluded several standards for mixed reality hardware products.

Du Hui, head of the hardware department at Rokid, says these standards are high optical transmittance, large unobstructed FoV, ultra-long exit pupil distance, multi-platform accessibility, multimodal interaction, and a multi-external perception capability.

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 2
Rokid Vision 2
Software updates and new apps

Rokid Vision 2 is equipped with brand new apps that support spatial interaction. They include:

‣ Fantasy World: A 360-degree immersive space created using stereo rendering technology and natural multimodal interaction (voice, head control, and gestures).

‣ Holographic Cinema: Using multimodal interactive technology, real-time navigation, and multimedia engine to create an immersive 4D IMAX theater-like experience, including 2D, 3D, and 360° panoramic videos.

‣ Virtual City: Adopts six degrees of freedom simultaneous localisation and mapping, voice, and other technologies based on a single RGB camera, in which users are allowed to move freely around the virtual space.

Over the past year, Rokid has been developing the software ecosystem around the glasses.

Rokid released SXR SDK, which provided technologies and services that developers can work with on Android and Unity.

The Rokid software system also supports several mainstream hardware platforms, including HiSilcon, Amlogic and Qualcomm.

In the future, Rokid plans to support its software on more hardware devices to build an ecosystem with partners and developers.

Rokid plans to target broader market

“Rokid is not only a company that creates products but also an interactive platform that integrates human, virtual and real worlds,” says Mingming Zhu, founder and chief executive officer of Rokid. 

“XR is the next-generation platform that can perfectly integrate human-computer interaction through voice, vision, and display. It completely changes the ways we work, live, learn, and entertain.”

“Rokid will continue to enable partners through innovative user interfaces and advanced products to reach more industries and consumers, ultimately reaching our mission to ‘Leave Nobody Behind’.”

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 5

Marxent secures series C financing for 3D commerce expansion

Marxent, a leader in 3D commerce for the home vertical, has secured series C financing.

The cash infusion will fund strategic value creation opportunities such as international expansion and new product development.

Marxent’s mission is to create a 3D ecosystem for enterprise furniture, building products, and home improvement retailers and manufacturers that makes it easy to sell high-value, configurable products online.

Clients already include many leading retailers and manufacturers, such as Lowe’s Home Improvement, Ashley HomeStore, Macy’s, La-Z-Boy, HNI Corporation, Fortune Brands, American Woodmark, Herman Miller, Jerome’s Furniture, John Lewis and Partners (UK), and Kingfisher (UK).

Arnie Bellini of Bellini Capital, the lead investor in the round, says: “Marxent’s 3D commerce platform will transform both the customer experience and underlying ecosystem like Netflix and Tesla did for their categories.”

“With a blue-chip client base, proven ROI, millions of buyable SKUs, and hundreds of millions in 3D-enabled sales, Marxent’s 3D Cloud is the virtual selling platform of choice for high-value, configurable products for the home.”

“3D-enabled selling was already an emerging growth category. Covid has further accelerated the demand for virtual selling of home goods and Marxent is the recognised technology leader in the space enabling the experience.”

Beck Besecker, Marxent’s chief executive officer and co-founder, adds: “3D room planning and augmented reality apps for furniture, kitchen, bath, and outdoor decking went from value-add solutions to essential business priorities.”

“We prioritised creating meaningful value for our partners and proving out the unit economics of our business for the past two years. The time is right to further invest in strategic growth initiatives. Arnie Bellini is a B2B SaaS pioneer. We’re thrilled to have him lead our series C and join Marxent’s board.”

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 3
Marxent’s 3D Room Planner for Web

The company’s growth initiatives include:

‣ International expansion: growth in Europe, the UK and other markets.

‣ New product development: adding highly requested, value-add features.

‣ New verticals: expanding to new adjacent home categories.

‣ Strategic partnerships: integrations with Pinterest and other inspiration platforms.

Besecker says: “Helping companies to embrace the transformative power of virtual selling through a centralised 3D strategy is at the heart of everything we do.”

“We ensure that Marxent partners get everything they need to stay ahead of the curve and deploy 3D solutions quickly because we feel a great sense of responsibility to help our clients forge the future of retail.” 

To support the growing 3D needs of their European clients, including John Lewis and Kingfisher, Marxent will expand its UK and French offices.

Leigh Davidson, managing director for Marxent Europe, says: “This investment enables us to further support the now permanent priority of e-commerce and the role of new hybrid stores.”

“Getting stuck in slow and confusing tools is no fun for consumers. Our inspirational 3D planners are enabling users to quickly design from photos and confidently add entire rooms to basket.”

Besecker concludes: “From London and Paris, to Dayton and St Petersburg, Florida, I just can’t say enough good things about the Marxent team. It has taken an incredible group of folks to build Marxent into a market leader in this exciting space and the journey has just begun.”

“They bring an inspiring combination of grit, determination, and creativity to the table and are ready for what’s next. We have grand ambitions and are excited to grow the team and company materially in 2021 and beyond.”

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 6

PrecisionOS receives investment from Parvizi Surgical Innovation

Parvizi Surgical Innovation (PSI) has invested in and partnered with PrecisionOS, the clinically validated software company providing relevant medical-grade, interactive and industry-recognised virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for surgical training and education.

Founded by Dr Danny Goel, an orthopedic surgeon with a passion and commitment for novel educational approaches toward surgical mastery, PrecisionOS brings together a groundbreaking team of industry experts intersecting surgical education, gaming, and film with simulation and haptics.

Goel, founder and chief executive officer of PrecisionOS, says: “This is a significant milestone for our company, which has provided world-class teaching experiences across 25 countries in over 300 cities within our medical device and institutional partner network.”

“Re-imagining surgical education has been at the forefront of our highly advanced and innovative approach to improve patient outcomes. We are excited to introduce our partnership with PSI, which shares a similar patient-centric vision and values.”

Comprised of nearly 100 clinicians located across top educational university institutions globally, PSI collectively brings together industry-leading surgical experts focused on transforming the efforts of enhanced, novel technologies.

Prioritising healthcare providers and patients’ experiences, PSI continues to drive the industry forward in devoting its ongoing investment toward long-term quality care.

Dr Javad Parvizi, founder and chief executive officer of PSI, says: “The PrecisionOS platform optimises surgical education through cutting-edge gaming and simulation capabilities while providing endless growth opportunities for industry-wide surgical advancement.”

“The technology offers a proven model for success given its robust clinical validation from two recent, randomised controlled trials and the support of its experienced and diverse surgeon advisory board.”

“We look forward to aligning ourselves with PrecisionOS as they continue to pave a strong path forward for supporting surgeons within our operating rooms, as well as researchers, industry leaders, and all other parties involved in providing elevated and modernised surgical experiences.”

Rokid unveils Vision 2 mixed reality glasses 7

ThirdEye completes mixed reality enterprise offering with software suite

ThirdEye, a leader in augmented and mixed reality enterprise solutions, has launched its suite of healthcare, government and field services software and accessories.

Its clients, including the US military, can now have a complete hardware, software and accessories experience using a single vendor.

ThirdEye created its Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to provide central IT experts with effective device management.

The MDM software gives IT departments control over which WiFi networks ThirdEye’s X2 Mixed Reality Glasses can discover, the availability of apps, and other required security mechanisms.

The mixed reality glasses and software company also developed its RemoteEye software platform to allow remotely located senior technicians to see the actual field of view of frontline technicians.

This platform found nearly a 40% savings in task time in the military, field services and engineering sectors.

Currently, more than 100 customers worldwide are utilising the RemoteEye platform, which comes with ThirdEye mixed reality glasses.

This software not only works on the X2 smart glasses, but also on tablets, laptops, smartphones and web browsers, allowing for total cross-platform compatibility.

By utilising this software, workers no longer need to travel on-site and can connect remotely, which also enables greater environmental sustainability.

In healthcare, ThirdEye deployed its RespondEye software to first responders, which includes a certified telehealth platform allowing emergency services professionals to virtually connect to doctors and provide the patient with a higher quality of care from the time they arrive on the scene.

The software is currently being offered for free for first responders in the fight against Covid-19.

Nick Cherukuri, chief executive officer and founder of ThirdEye, says: “At ThirdEye, we wanted to offer the full digital AR/MR and AI ecosystem so our clients can have an end-to-end solution.”

ThirdEye also offers a thermal sensor package, which allows users to view the temperatures of both people and equipment through an additional clip-on thermal scanner.

Additionally, the company offers hard hat connections, prescription inserts and frontline connectivity packages where the glasses are bundled with wireless hotspots.

ThirdEye is also expanding its partner programme to enable bulk pricing discounts, free software porting help, joint webinars and marketing efforts.