VRWorldTech Magazine 6 - Study aid or class clown - For education, it’s more complicated than that

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Issue 6 of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on education and features Immersive VR Education, Lenovo, the University of Nottingham, and MindFuel, as well as The Reality Wire and the Meet profile

Issue 6 of VRWorldTech Magazine, the first of 2021, focuses on education, a sector in need of support as remote learning becomes the norm. We find that immersive technology has an important role to play, not just now but in the future.

Immersive VR Education’s David Whelan reveals in issue 6 that the ENGAGE virtual communications tool for learning, collaboration and events, and others like it, can broaden access to prohibitively expensive higher education.

One educator, Professor Gary Burnett, from the Human Factors Research Group at the University of Nottingham in the UK, believes that immersive technologies of every kind represent a possible future for education, as long as they deliver an “extremely positive experience for students”.

That experience must go above and beyond 2D video conferencing, where educator and learner are clearly separated, and the digital self isn’t maximised to improve communication and interaction.

Above all, learners must be engaged while at home and in school, and augmented and virtual reality can play a significant role in this, according to Cassy Weber, chief executive officer of MindFuel, in issue 6 of VRWorldTech Magazine.

She says that if young people are not engaged, “they’re not developing the meaning behind the subject they’re learning”. In the absence of in-person learning or in a world where they split their time between home and school, students must be inspired to develop coding skills, learn about a boring subject such as the weather, or visit strange places. Digital technologies, particularly immersive ones, can and must meet these needs.

There are also questions for immersive technology providers, like Lenovo. Any transformation is difficult, but the one currently underway in the education and other sectors requires all stakeholders to listen to one another and work together to manage the process.

As Rich Henderson, director of global education solutions at Lenovo reveals, educators, learners, schools, colleges, universities, and even corporates need to be able to go at their own pace, particularly as they manage the existing challenges brought about by the pandemic.

Issue 6 of VRWorldTech Magazine also features The Reality Wire, a regular round-up of the latest must-read press releases on new product releases, partnerships and funding rounds, plus Dominica Jamir, the developer of a virtual reality tool for teaching and learning, is the subject of the Meet profile.

Here are the contents for issue 6 in full:

The Reality Wire

A round up of the biggest stories tracked over the past two months. This issues features Physna, SenseGlove, Vuzix, Rokid, PrecisionOS and Victory Square Technologies

Education / Editor’s comment

Important lessons are being learned about immersive technology’s future role in education

Education / Immersive VR Education

If virtual reality is a game changer for education, then Engage and its users are the winners

Education / University of Nottingham

As the University of Nottingham shows, for educators and learners to embrace virtual reality, they have to try it first

Education / Lenovo

Lenovo is aiding the education sector’s intelligent transformation with VR Classroom 2

Education / MindFuel

MindFuel prizes student engagement and believes augmented and virtual reality will become crucial tools in the future

Developer / Dominica Jamir

Meet Dominica Jamir, who is using virtual reality as a tool to enhance current teaching and learning methods through immersive and activity-based experiences

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