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MetaVRse Virtual Showroom promises to redefine online retail, a new version of VRdirect Studio enables widespread use of virtual reality in enterprise, and Qualcomm to enhance immersive audio with Snapdragon Sound

MetaVRse Virtual Showroom launches, VRdirect Studio upgrades, Snapdragon Sound unites - MetaVRse

MetaVRse Virtual Showroom promises to redefine online retail

MetaVRse, the cloud-based 3D content creation engine, has launched a new virtual showroom solution to boost ecommerce sales and enhance the online retail experience.

The 3D content creation engine was among the first in the world to offer a no-code/low-code editor on the web. It has multiple use cases and applications, including product showcases, interactive 3D training, marketing, virtual showrooms, and events.

The MetaVRse Virtual Showroom, marketed with the tagline “the future of retail is virtual”, is aimed squarely at product marketing and sales. The fully interactive and customisable web-based solution features integrated payments and is highly scalable.

Existing brand assets can be used the MetaVRse Virtual Showroom, as can existing and new CAD (computer-aided design) and 3D models.

Watch the MetaVRse Virtual Showroom launch promo below:

MetaVRse Virtual Showroom launches, VRdirect Studio upgrades, Snapdragon Sound unites - VRdirect

New version of VRdirect Studio enables widespread use of virtual reality in enterprise

Germany-based software company VRdirect has released a new version of its solution, VRdirect Studio.

The update contains a number of new features, such as support for high-resolution images and animated objects, as well as the ability to place external links directly into virtual reality experiences.

Integrating high-resolution images as well as animated objects and GIFs into virtual reality experiences through VRdirect Studio means enterprises can develop impressive product presentations as well as interactive virtual reality training materials that create a lasting learning effect through immersion.

MetaVRse Virtual Showroom launches, VRdirect Studio upgrades, Snapdragon Sound unites - VRdirect 2
The update contains a number of new features, such as support for high-resolution images and animated objects

Similarly, the ability to include external links enriches the experience. For example, virtual reality experiences can better boost sales by integrating sales channels.

VRdirect says the new features improve integration of virtual reality into existing IT infrastructure and facilitate widespread internal use.

By adopting virtual reality technology early on through a solution such as VRdirect Studio, enterprises open up further technological perspectives for the future, explains Rolf Illenberger, managing director of VRdirect.

He says: “Virtual reality is still considered a technology of the future in the minds of many decision makers, even though it has long been fit for everyday use with solutions like VRdirect Studio. Our experience from working with partners like Siemens, Nestlé or Deutsche Telekom shows, companies should use the current extraordinary situation to build up their own experience at an early stage.”

“This way, even after coronavirus, they will benefit from the additional technological freedom and flexibility that virtual reality brings to their company.”

With its revised software architecture, VRdirect is also laying the groundwork for other groundbreaking features, such as the import of 3D models, to be released in the coming months.

Illenberger says: “VRdirect Studio receives a fundamentally revised software architecture with the new update, which already sets the course for upcoming features that will further significantly increase the application’s range of functions.”

“Among other things, VRdirect has announced 360° live streaming, support for 3D models, asset libraries and backups via the cloud. These and other features are expected to be released in the course of the year.”

The updated VRdirect Studio is available in a free trial on the software company’s website.

MetaVRse Virtual Showroom launches, VRdirect Studio upgrades, Snapdragon Sound unites - Qualcomm

Qualcomm to enhance immersive audio with Snapdragon Sound

Qualcomm has launched an optimised chain of audio innovations and software designed to provide seamless, immersive audio in, and across, devices, including smartphones, wireless earbuds and headsets.

Snapdragon Sound is designed to provide a superior sound experience for consumers while listening to streaming music, communicating on the phone, or wirelessly gaming. To coincide with this launch.

James Chapman, vice president and general manager for voice, music and wearables at Qualcomm, says: “The human ear is highly sensitive to glitches, latencies and other challenges which commonly occur when streaming music, video conferencing, or gaming over wireless connections. By focusing end-to-end, we are looking to deliver innovations to solve common consumer pain-points across virtually all audio interaction points.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide tremendous value to customers with Snapdragon Sound and help them quickly commercialise products differentiated by great sound quality. Our system-level approach aggregates multiple technologies and the latest products from across our mobile and audio platform portfolios to achieve our vision of delivering high-resolution, wired quality audio, wirelessly.”

There are many ways sound quality can be disrupted between users and devices. How devices connect with each other, breaks in connectivity, audio dropouts and glitches, latency, and poor audio compression can all contribute to a tiring and distracting listening experience.

By optimising interactions between Qualcomm technology stacks, Snapdragon Sound is designed to deliver a more robust and seamless wireless listening experience, supporting high-resolution 24-bit, 96kHz audio, ultra-low latency, improved pairing, and crystal-clear voice quality.

To solve end-to-end latency challenges, Snapdragon Sound can support Bluetooth latencies as low as 89 ms (45% lower than a leading competitor) for more immersive gaming and a better video watching experience.

For those who prefer listening directly from the mobile device, Snapdragon Sound incorporates the Qualcomm Aqstic DAC, designed to support formats of up to 384 kHz 32-bit PCM and DSD with ultra-low THD+N.

The key components of Snapdragon Sound include:

➨ Snapdragon 8-series mobile platforms

➨ FastConnect 6900 mobile connectivity system

➨ QCC514x, QCC515x and QCC3056 series Bluetooth Audio SoCs

➨ Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) technology

➨ aptX Adaptive, 24-bit 96 kHz and 89 ms latency

➨ aptX Voice super wideband voice 

➨ Aqstic audio codec and smart speaker amplifier WCD938x and WSA883x

➨ Audio and Voice Communication Suite

To ensure high levels of performance, Snapdragon Sound- optimised devices will be tested for interoperability in Qualcomm’s dedicated test facility on measures of performance including audio quality, latency, and robust connectivity.

Electronics company Xiaomi is the first mobile manufacturer to bring Snapdragon Sound to devices.

Lei Zhang, vice president of Mi Smartphone and general manager of hardware research and development at Xiaomi, says: “Snapdragon Sound will bring new high quality, seamless, low-latency audio experiences to our customers everywhere and provide better sound while engaging in voice calls, video conferencing, gaming and/or music listening. Snapdragon Sound has industry leading capabilities to fully optimise the smartphone phone and earbuds delivering great sound.”

Devices supporting Snapdragon Sound are expected to be available later this year. As products are available, consumers will be able to look for the Snapdragon Sound badge on optimised devices to readily identify phones, earbuds and headphones and, in time, other devices such asPCs, watches and XR glasses designed to deliver the full benefit of these advanced audio features.

Snapdragon Sound is available to manufacturers today. Further details and additional enhancements to the ecosystem will be announced later this year.

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