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The Reality Wire features WorldViz, Unity, Circuit Stream, MindPortal and Bodyswaps

WorldViz launches software tool for eye tracking experiments in VR
Unity and Circuit Stream partner on courses for real-time 3D skills
MindPortal raises $5 million for wearable brain-computer interface
Bodyswaps targets job interviews with new training experience
The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - WorldViz 1

WorldViz launches software tool for eye tracking experiments in VR

WorldViz has introduced SightLab VR, a drag and drop software tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in virtual reality.

Who is SightLab VR aimed at?

Researchers, who can gain insight into user experience and mental workload by measuring eye gaze, pupil size and fixation locations, as well as scan paths and interactions. Combining eye tracking with virtual reality offers subjects a natural environment, and allows researchers to design meaningful, ecologically valid experiments.These can be combined with BIOPAC biofeedback devices to measure more user experience data.

What does SightLab VR include?

A GUI interface to build an interactive scene, run an experiment and review eye tracking data in minutes.

SightLab VR from WorldViz comes with built in tools and example scenes, such as the ability to replay a session in interactive playback mode alongside common eye tracking metrics, selecting areas of interest, saving out raw data, viewing 3D gaze paths, heatmaps and more.

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - WorldViz 2
What do WorldViz and users say?

Joy Lee PHD, Maastricht University: “One of the challenges with performing research using virtual reality and eye tracking is the complexity of building the initial experiment. With built-in tools specifically for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR, SightLab VR got us up and running and doing our research in very little time with minimal effort!”

Matthias Pusch, chief executive officer of WorldViz: “We have always been at the forefront of VR for research, bringing meaningful solutions to the research community. Now anyone can set up an experiment in just minutes.”

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - Unity and Circuit Stream

Unity and Circuit Stream partner on courses for real-time 3D skills

Unity Technologies and Circuit Stream have collaborated to create new content, courses and certifications that enable professionals to learn, demonstrate and verify their real-time 3D skills. 

Unity’s Certified Associate: Programmer and Certified Associate: Artist certifications are designed to validate knowledge of the Unity engine and help developers obtain their first professional role in real-time 3D.

Who will deliver these courses?

Unity is a leading platform for creating interactive experiences and is currently used to create more than 65% of the 3D content and mobile apps globally. In the search for the ideal partner to support its training and certification programme, Unity recognised the quality of instruction and commitment to learners Circuit Stream demonstrated through its resources, workshops, and popular augmented reality and virtual reality courses.

Circuit Stream is a leader of virtual reality and augmented reality education. The company has trained more than 40,000 learners around the world in the tools, processes, and workflows needed for building augmented and virtual reality (known collectively as XR) apps.

Through this new collaboration with Unity, Circuit Stream’s XR Development with Unity and Interaction Design and Prototyping for XR courses will prepare learners to earn Unity’s Associate Programmer and Artist certifications in addition to providing them with the skills for developing and designing their own XR apps.

The two courses will provide an introduction to Unity for anyone who is exploring a new career path, gaining new skills for their role, or pursuing their own freelance work and side projects. The certifications badges define a standard of knowledge in foundational Unity concepts that will start professionals on their path to a career using the Unity engine.

Why is certification important?

By integrating these certifications with its flagship XR design and development courses, Circuit Stream has created pathways to combine essential skills in Unity with credentials recognised by the industry.

Jerry Medeiros, head of education at Circuit Stream: “When someone earns a certification, they demonstrate that they have valid, up-to-date expertise that not everyone possesses in this field. The industry is competitive and changes fast. To stand out from the crowd, professionals must constantly seek opportunities to master new skills. I personally believe that the project-based approach we are offering will help students, hobbyists, and professionals take their skills and careers to the next level.”

Why should you enrol?

Nicole Zingg, global head of partnerships at Unity: “We know that the biggest change in the workforce of today and the workforce of 2030, will be the demand for technical programming skills. Even if students don’t plan on becoming a programmer, those skills will be crucial. Through the new courses and certifications announced today, Circuit Stream has the ability to better prepare learners for the jobs of tomorrow.”

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - MindPortal 1

MindPortal raises $5 million for wearable brain-computer interface

MindPortal, the developer of a wearable non-invasive brain-computer interface, has completed a $5 million seed round of financing.

Who participated in the round?

Learn Capital led the round, with additional investment from Kleiner Perkins; Dan Siroker, founder and chief executive officer of Scribe AI; Matt Bellamy, rockstar and frontman of Muse; James Park, co-founder and chief executive officer of Fitbit; Julie Zhou, co-founder of Sundial and former vice president of product design for Facebook; Scrum Ventures; and additional angels from frontier tech, hardware and product design. Previous pre-seed investors included 7pc and Y Combinator.

The new funding will be used to hire additional neuroscientists, product engineers and machine learning experts.

What does MindPortal’s wearable device do?

Record human brain activity in real time, without surgery, with 10-100x more precision than EEG technology. The platform brain computer being developed will act as a bi-directional portal, connecting the mind to immersive, creative and playful experiences and also as a gateway into the mind.

When wearing MindPortal’s device, users will be able to create and share new experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality just by using their thoughts, and channel experiences into their mind.

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - MindPortal 2
What did MindPortal’s new investors say?

Rob Hutter, founder and managing partner of Learn Capital: “We’re animated by a vision of the future where every human on the planet has a greater opportunity to fully develop their talents and minds. MindPortal is pursuing what some would call the holy grail—namely, a portable and non-invasive platform that samples brain activity at high spatial and temporal resolution, a technical feat that could unleash the potential for a dramatic improvement in productivity across work, play and life.”

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - Bodyswaps 1

Bodyswaps targets job interviews with new training experience

Bodyswaps has released the virtual reality Job Interview Simulator to help students learn interview techniques, perfect their pitch and practise answering interview questions, by speaking through a virtual avatar.

What is included in the Job Interview Simulator?

Four modules coach students on techniques to address all aspects of interview performance, including:

➨ Managing interview anxiety

➨ Connecting personal strengths and characteristics to the job and employer

➨ Using a structured answer technique to respond to (almost) any question

➨ Virtual interview practice, where students can answer common questions in their own words, with hints and tips for each

With more than 75 questions and detailed behavioural analytics on verbal and non-verbal performance, students can fine-tune their skills in a psychologically safe environment to fully prepare themselves for interview success.

The Reality Wire - 1 June 2021 - Bodyswaps 2
Which platforms is the simulator available on?

The Job Interview Simulator is available for virtual reality, smartphone and PC.

What does Bodyswaps say?

Christophe Mallet, chief executive officer of Bodyswaps: “Educational institutions often lack the resources to engage students and give everyone the time and attention that mastering great interview skills needs. Our Job Interview Simulator leverages VR and AI, to support repeated, autonomous and hyper-personalised practice. For students, this is an opportunity to learn to present their best self and get the job of their dreams. For organisations, it’s a groundbreaking approach to boosting student outcomes, quickly and at scale, in these challenging times.”

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Images: WorldViz, Unity, Circuit Stream, MindPortal and Bodyswaps