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Issue 8 of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), and features Numena, Holo-Light and Make Real, and much more

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The Reality Wire includes exclusive thought leadership from VRdirect and Arkio
➨ Numena, Holo-Light and Make Real discuss VR for architecture, AR for AEC plus XR streaming, and AEC’s interest in immersive training solutions
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The story

In issue 8 of VRWorldTech Magazine, there is a sense that we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of what immersive technology can achieve for architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). But what can be achieved right now is actually quite a lot.

Look no further than this issue’s The Reality Wire. VRdirect offers excellent insight into leveraging 3D models in ‘lightweight’ virtual reality experiences for the AEC sector, arguing that effective visualisation does not need to be complicated or costly to achieve.

Of course, there are those that argue that virtual reality in particular isn’t being used to its full potential. Andreea Ion Cojocaru, a licensed architect, software developer and chief executive officer and co-founder of Numena, an award-winning interdisciplinary company based in Germany that designs and develops both physical and virtual spaces, argues that “visualisation is the least interesting thing about virtual reality in AEC”.

Holo-Light, developer of AR 3S (Augmented Reality Engineering Space), saw immersive technology as the means to upgrade current engineering software and give engineers and designers a new tool to improve and simplify workflows in planning, development, and production.

But Holo-Light did not stop at solving those problems and turned its attention to streaming immersive content and apps, a key problem for AEC businesses dealing with bulky CAD and BIM (building information modelling) files.

There is also a need for the AEC sector to increase its awareness of what immersive technology can achieve. Make Real, a studio and publisher focused on immersive technology for training and learning based in the UK, has been working with businesses in the construction, energy and utilities sectors, which it collectively calls the built environment, for over 10 years.

Sam Watts, immersive partnerships director at Make Real, says most businesses, whether in the built environment grouping, wider AEC sector or otherwise, do not necessarily even differentiate between virtual and augmented reality right now. Their interest tends to be piqued when they see a competitor adopting an immersive technology or there is a pressure to be seen as innovative. He goes on to state that these shouldn’t be the driving factors for adoption, however.

For learning and training, AEC businesses should consider the potential of virtual reality, in whatever form that takes. And the right partner is crucial, as From The Future, the subject of this issue’s Meet profile, reveals.

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