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The Reality Wire features HSS Innovation Institute, Teslasuit, Holo-Light, Campfire and NFT Oasis

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HSS Innovation Institute and Teslasuit to advance healthcare with immersive ХR training technology
ISAR from Holo-Light brings XR streaming to Oculus Quest 2
Campfire invites enterprise market to experience new tech at demo days
NFT Oasis raises $4.4 million
TRW - 14 July 2021 - Teslasuit 1

HSS Innovation Institute and Teslasuit to advance healthcare with immersive ХR training technology

The Innovation Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), an academic medical centre focused on musculoskeletal health, and Teslasuit plan to create movement wear and full-body suit technology to improve human motion assessments for diagnostics, performance training, and next-generation rehabilitation.

What will HSS and Teslasuit work on?

The collaboration is aimed at assessing and fundamentally improving human movement and physical rehabilitation using full body sensors, covering 95% of the muscle mass of the human body. It combines 157 years of accumulated HSS knowledge of musculoskeletal health with Teslasuit smart technology, which integrates biometry, motion capture and haptic feedback. 

Through the HSS Innovation Institute, the partnership aims to advance personalised, real-time diagnostics, training and physical rehabilitation.

The partnership will also support HSS’s plans to expand its footprint in performance and prevention, using data science as a backbone to improve motion analytics for musculoskeletal care, and leverage wearable technology for a connected healthcare experience.

What does Teslasuit bring to the table?

The Teslasuit smart bodysuit offers a combination of integrated technologies and is the first wearable technology in the market to combine haptic feedback biometry with an advanced motion capture system, which alongside EMS and TENS, can deliver a wide range of sensations and collect rich data from the body for real-time tracking that can enable detailed analytics.

In medicine and rehabilitation, the Teslasuit technologies enable physicians to process and analyse biometry and movement data for diagnostics and monitoring purposes, allowing instant haptic feedback and to extend each session using advanced EMS and TENS to enhance user performance and experience throughout the rehabilitation lifecycle.

TRW - 14 July 2021 - Teslasuit 2
The Teslasuit is a smart bodysuit ideal for XR experiences
What do HSS and Teslasuit say?

Louis Shapiro, president and chief executive officer of HSS: “HSS has a unique responsibility and opportunity to advance the field of musculoskeletal health, combining our expertise and state-of-the-art technology for better wellness, injury prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery.”

“This partnership with Teslasuit is another example of how we are fulfilling our purpose, to help people get back to what they need and love to do better than any other place in the world.”

Sergei Nossoff, chief executive officer of VR Electronics, maker of Teslasuit: “Our products’ effectiveness for enhancing human performance is already proven for XR synthetic training across many of the world’s largest companies and research institutions. So partnering with HSS makes perfect sense to utilise Teslasuit’s technologies in innovative medicine, combining our advanced systems’ technologies and joint expertise.”

“Together we can significantly improve the quality of patient care. Our partnership with the Hospital for Special Surgery will extend our capability to be at the forefront of immersive technology, powering the future of medical healthcare solutions.”

TRW - 14 July 2021 - Holo-Light 1

ISAR from Holo-Light brings XR streaming to Oculus Quest 2

Holo-Light, a company specialising in immersive technologies, is bringing its new XR streaming technology, ISAR, to Oculus Quest 2.

What is ISAR?

The software development kit enables the streaming of entire augmented and virtual reality experiences in real-time to mobile XR devices.

ISAR addresses one of the major issues of standalone (or all-in-one) virtual reality technology: limited computing power. By outsourcing the rendering process to an on-premises server or the cloud, 3D content that is only suited for high-performance processing can now be visualised on Oculus Quest 2.

The streaming solution supports large data assets such as graphics-intensive 3D objects, 3D CAD models, BIM, and Point Cloud.

How does ISAR work?

ISAR can be integrated into any XR app or experience developed using Unity in the form of a simple plugin. This, for example, enables a virtual reality experience to be executed on a remote computer such as a local server or the cloud. A corresponding client app runs on Oculus Quest 2 and receives the image stream.

The connection between client and server app enables real-time streaming of virtual reality content, allowing better graphics, a significantly more intricate logic, and higher complexity.

The efficiency of streaming XR experiences and apps, in addition to handling arbitrarily large amounts of data, is due in part to the maximum simplification of handling many different end devices.

ISAR is compatible with the MRTK (the open source Mixed Reality Toolkit), connecting augmented and virtual reality by facilitating a cross-platform approach.

New apps can be developed simpler without restrictions of individual end devices by just building a single server application. ISAR streaming technology currently supports HoloLens 2, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Oculus Quest 2.

TRW - 14 July 2021 - Holo-Light 2
ISAR enables the streaming of entire augmented and virtual reality experiences in real-time to mobile XR devices
When is ISAR available?

The beta version of ISAR SDK for Oculus Quest 2 is available now on GitHub. Developers can register for a free, supported trial on Holo-Light’s special web page.

What does Holo-Light say?

Alexander Werlberger, chief technology officer and co-founder of Holo-Light: “The success of Oculus Quest 2 shows how compelling VR can be when it is wireless and easy to use. It is time to unleash the full potential of VR, break the performance barriers of mobile devices, and bring VR content in unprecedented detail and complexity to Oculus Quest 2. ISAR XR streaming is just the technology to do that.”

TRW - 14 July 2021 - Campfire 1

Campfire invites enterprise market to experience new tech at demo days

Campfire, the developer of all-new devices and apps for holographic collaboration, is holding demo days in conjunction with design firm, frog, part of Capgemini Invent, to introduce its offering to the enterprise market.

What are the new devices and apps from Campfire?

Campfire brings a new approach to augmented and virtual reality collaboration with devices and apps designed to visualise and collaborate with 3D models and data. The resulting experience significantly advances the state-of-the art for visual experience, ease-of-use, and workflow integration:

➨ The Campfire Headset delivers visual quality with a 92 deg diagonal field-of-view in augmented reality, and a new level of comfort in virtual reality.

➨ The Campfire Console acts like a holographic projector to bring the intuitiveness and robustness of traditional monitors to shared holographic experiences.

➨ The Campfire Pack turns a smartphone into a controller to reduce the learning curve of dedicated controllers and gestural interfaces.

➨ The Campfire Scenes app enables users to create, share, and control scenes composed from 40+ types of CAD/3D files.

➨ The Campfire Viewer app enables users to work within 3D scenes alone or during video calls using a Campfire Headset, tablet, or smartphone.

TRW - 14 July 2021 - Campfire 2
The Campfire devices
Why should businesses attend a demo day?

Businesses can experience Campfire’s recently-launched collaborative augmented and virtual reality system for design and engineering at frog design studios this summer. The events will allow enterprise guests to work with their own data, giving them a live preview of how Campfire can integrate with and accelerate their workflows.

When and where are they being held, and how do businesses secure a spot?

Space is limited so enterprise guests can register here to request an invitation for the events below:

➨ 14 July, Brooklyn, New York, 9am to 7pm

➨ 11 August, Austin, Texas, 9am to 7pm

➨ 8 September, San Francisco, California, 9am to 7pm

What do Campfire and frog say?

Jay Wright, chief executive officer of Campfire: “Campfire Demo Days make it easy to experience holographic collaboration without purchasing hardware, or configuring or developing software. Guests can even provide their own 3D models to customise the demo experience for their workflow.”

Graeme Waitzkin, North American ventures lead at frog: “We are working with Campfire because we believe they are building the next generation of design collaboration. We’re excited to host these events at our studios so others can experience Campfire holographic collaboration for themselves.”

TRW - 14 July 2021 - NFT Oasis 1

NFT Oasis raises $4.4 million

NFT Oasis has closed $4.4 million in its first financing round.

What is NFT Oasis?

Formed in March 2021, NFT Oasis provides a platform of the same name that fuels the decentralised creator economy—combining non-fungible tokens (NFTs), virtual reality, and decentralised finance (DeFi) in an ecosystem to give artists more creative freedom, business control, and financial success.

Since April, the NFT Oasis has welcomed more than 200 artists and musicians to showcase their works in virtual reality. Every week, events are held in what users describe as awe-inspiring virtual environments.

How does the platform work?

Artists can host gallery exhibitions and panel discussions with guests joining from around the globe. Collectors can curate their own custom galleries in fantastical virtual worlds. Designers and programmers can be hired to build virtual experiences for creators, while independent generalists can work in a decentralised gig economy to support events and help creators gain more recognition.

NFT Oasis is hosted on AltspaceVR, the social virtual reality platform owned by Microsoft. All of the best social features of a virtual world are included, such as custom avatars, real-time voice and interaction, and events. Users can access NFT Oasis on an Oculus virtual reality headset and PC/Mac, or watch live and recorded content on any social media platform.

NFT Oasis is also a quantum opportunity for musicians. Since inception, the platform has seen performances from artists including Grammy-winner Imogen Heap, pianist Greg Spero, and K-pop stars AWEEK, Lee Eun Bi, and Hayeon. Musicians can use a range of technologies to bring their performances into virtual reality, hold concerts for thousands of attendees, and livestream to the masses.

Who are the new investors?

NFT Oasis has raised funding from a diverse and influential group of 32 investors that serves as a strategic global base to connect the established art and music world with the new innovators in NFTs and DeFi. Investors in this round include:

➨ Brad Stephens, managing partner at Blockchain Capital

➨ Lemniscap

➨ CitizenX Crypto Ventures

➨ Delphi Digital INFINFT and gmoneyNFT

➨ FlamingoDAO

➨ ID Theory

➨ Intellectus Partners

➨ Koji Capital

➨ Mechanism Capital

➨ OzoneX

➨ Stateless Ventures

➨ The LAO

What does NFT Oasis say?

Will O’Brien, chief executive officer and co-founder of NFT Oasis: “The human experience is driven by stories. Our stories are how we remember our history, and cultural relevance is what makes art, music, and real estate valuable. We are giving the chance for every creator to invest their time and energy into custom virtual worlds and experiences, activate their communities, stream their performances and creations, and capitalise on this tectonic shift that is taking place with the global NFT movement.”

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