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➨ Reducept joins XRHealth platform to deliver VR therapy for pain management to more patients
➨ Holoride Launches Elastic SDK for developers to create in-vehicle XR content
➨ FundamentalVR unveils new soft tissue capabilities for surgeons-in-training
➨ Free access to VR for existing Theorem customers with the launch of CADverter-VR
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Reducept joins XRHealth platform to deliver VR therapy for pain management to more patients

What do I need to know? XRHealth, operator of therapeutic care virtual clinics that utilise XR technology, has brought e-health scale-up Reducept onto its platform. The partnership will deliver its virtual reality app to more patients with pain management issues.

How does the XRHealth platform work? XRHealth provides remote care to patients globally with a variety of conditions, including pain management, and is covered by most major health insurance companies. Its virtual clinics feature several virtual and augmented reality apps, as well as a data portal and mobile app, and provides external control features for healthcare providers.

How does the Reducept virtual reality app work? It trains the user’s brain to create its own pain medication via digital psychological pain treatment. The pain management app provides immersive visual journeys and education through a gamified narrative. The app also offers targeted behavioural experiments, and applies evidence-based techniques from acceptance and commitment therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy through 3D visualisation of the body.

Margryt Fennema, chief executive officer of Reducept: “We would like to provide people in pain with enjoyable, satisfying and sustainable pain treatment. The great thing about Reducept is that it combines several patient-focused techniques clinically proven to reduce the negative impact of pain on quality of life. We are excited to join XRHealth to make Reducept treatment accessible on their platform.”

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Holoride Launches Elastic SDK for developers to create in-vehicle XR content

What do I need to know? Holoride, the Audi-backed company building an immersive in-vehicle media platform able to connect virtual reality and other immersive content to vehicle data points, has released its Elastic software development kit (SDK) on the newly launched holoride Creator Space. Created to run on the Unity game engine, the Elastic SDK enables developers to access a powerful toolset to create immersive, in-car game experiences.

What is holoride aiming to achieve? Content that adjusts to the motion of the vehicle and route and perfectly syncs with the passenger’s journey. The company is aiming for market launch in 2022, after closing a series A funding round worth €10 million and laying the groundwork for a content creator ecosystem based on blockchain and non-fungible tokens.

How will the Elastic SDK contribute? It is a creative reinterpretation of real-world maps and geographic information that is projected into the Unity Scene, which is developers work with content assets within the Unity platform. This means that creating content does not require any additional coding or developing skills for an initial build and, therefore, lowers the barrier for content creators to get started right away. By adding prefabricated assets like renderers, animations, rigid bodies and audio, developers can easily populate the worlds they create.

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Holoride is aiming to deliver content that adjusts to the motion of the vehicle and route and perfectly syncs with the passenger’s journey

What is the Creator Space? Everything developers need for their development journey, including the Elastic SDK, documentations and tutorials curated by holoride and continuously enriched by the developer community. Beyond these tools, it is a platform for developers, artists and enthusiasts alike to collaborate in creating richer content.

What else do I need to know? To encourage developers to get started with the Elastic SDK, holoride has built the Development Kit, a prototype that provides all essential data so developers can conduct real-world tests in a car. The Development Kit will allow developers to demo the content they have built using the Elastic SDK and provide them with valuable insights aside from simulating it in the game engine.

With support from Audi and Unity, holoride will also offer developers the opportunity to experience so-called ‘Elastic Content’ first-hand with original content created by studio Schell Games in a roadshow from Los Angeles to San Francisco. With holoride experts onsite, developers will have the chance to discuss the Elastic SDK and its wide range of capabilities.

Finally, Pico Interactive will be the first virtual reality headset provider to support the holoride experience through the Creator Space. Developers who use Pico’s headsets will be able to take their creations beyond their computers and experience them in combination with holoride’s Development Kit.

Any developer or gaming studio is eligible to apply for one of the limited development kits. To apply, visit holoride’s Creator Space.

Nils Wollny, chief executive officer and co-founder of holoride: “The release of our Elastic SDK marks an important milestone for holoride in preparation for our market launch in 2022. We’re opening a world full of possibilities for content creators to start building contextual, immersive experiences for passengers. By eliminating tech and business complexity, we encourage content creators to unleash their full creative potential and embark on this ride to build great content.”

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FundamentalVR unveils new soft tissue capabilities for surgeons-in-training

What do I need to know? FundamentalVR has unveiled a significant advancement to the Fundamental Surgery platform for surgery training. Leveraging full-force feedback kinesthetic haptics, high-fidelity graphics and 3D spatial technology, new soft tissue capabilities allow surgeons to manipulate and feel the texture of anatomy as if they were in the operating room.

What is the Fundamental Surgery platform? A mobile and collaborative immersive training solution that delivers learning and practice for surgeons on complicated medical procedures. @HomeVR uses standalone headsets such as Oculus Quest to deliver a fully immersive procedural walkthrough based on instructor-led collaborative learning. HapticsVR, meanwhile, provides immersive simulations for full rehearsal of medical and surgical procedures through a PC/laptop, headset and haptic arms.

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FundamentalVR says the new enhancement builds real capability and confidence ahead of human interaction

How will this new advancement boost the platform? This enhancement opens the door for accelerated skills acquisition in an even wider range of procedures, building real capability and confidence ahead of human interaction. Its development allows FundamentalVR to deliver solutions for current simulations in areas such as spine, orthopedic and ophthalmology as well as new capabilities in soft tissue surgery, interventional and many more.

Richard Vincent, co-founder and chief executive officer of FundamentalVR: “We are proud to offer industry leading technology proven to accelerate learning and transform traditional teaching practices into cost effective, safe methodologies. With the addition of advanced soft tissue sensation capabilities, users are able to make independent decisions about approach and patient interaction and have full high-fidelity control, feeling and vision as they make that interaction. We have brought a new level of realism to medical education to an extent that the need for surgeons to practice in wet labs, on cadavers or patients could be eliminated within just a few years.”

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Free access to VR for existing Theorem customers with the launch of CADverter-VR

What do I need to know? Theorem Solutions, an engineering and manufacturing software provider, has launched CADverter-VR, a freely available plug-in for existing users to explore their 3D CAD data at scale, in a fully immersive virtual reality environment.

When will CADverter-VR be released? It is a part of the latest CADverter software release (V24.0)

What does it achieve? Existing users can take their design from screen to virtual reality in a few clicks, without leaving the Theorem Unified Interface (UI) or even their local machine. Using their existing CAD-ready PC, users can experience their data at full scale and in-context, only from their desktop, whether at home or in the office.

How does it work? Using the UI, browse the data to be visualised; translate the data using the existing Theorem CADverter (the flagship for 30 years of translation products); hit the CADverter-VR button; and put on your headset. It’s as simple as that, and then users are free to assess and visualise their data immersively, at 1:1 scale and use a range of tools to manipulate the data.

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