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Featuring Health Scholars and Looking Glass Factory

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➨ Health Scholars launches VR training app for EMS personnel
➨ Sabrina Kieffer joins Looking Glass Factory board of directors
TRW - 11 August 2021 - Health Scholars etc - Health Scholars logo

Health Scholars launches VR training app for EMS personnel

What do I need to know? Health Scholars has launched Pediatric Emergency Care, a virtual reality training app specifically designed for EMS (emergency medical services) providers and developed in partnership with AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics).

Why do EMS providers need such a solution? Recognising severe illness in infants and children is challenging, and it is further compounded by limited exposure to paediatric emergencies. Unless EMS providers are frequently practising, the nuanced skills needed to assess and treat children effectively decline over time, leading to significant readiness challenges. Virtual reality provides organisations a way to scale standardised and immersive pediatric competency training affordably.

What is Pediatric Emergency Care? A virtual reality training solution that enables EMS providers to see, assess, and care for various disease states, including respiratory distress, respiratory failure, shock, and cardiopulmonary failure across a diverse set of paediatric patients.

TRW - 11 August 2021 - Health Scholars etc - Paediatric Emergency Care
Pediatric Emergency Care

How does it work? The on-demand training has providers complete four different in-home scenarios with a virtual EMS team. Each scenario is scored and provides an in-app debrief. Providers are asked to repeat scenarios until they reach a passing score indicating competency.

When is it available? Now, along with Pediatric Emergency Assessment. Health Scholars is also developing Pediatric Emergency Care for hospital settings.

Where can I find out more? Take a look at the video below.

Scott Johnson, chief executive officer of Health Scholars: “We expect providers to perform at super-human levels 24/7 with mostly hands-off training delivered once a year. VR training will completely transform status quo training, giving providers the competency and confidence they need to deliver the very best care possible. Pediatric Emergency Care is just the beginning of this transformation, and we are thrilled to have AAP’s support and expertise.”

Janna Patterson MD, senior vice president of global child health and life support at AAP: “The release of the Pediatric Emergency Care application fills gaps seen with in-person training courses and allows for sustained high-quality paediatric care through low dose, high frequency experiential learning.”

TRW - 11 August 2021 - Health Scholars etc - Looking Glass Factory logo

Sabrina Kieffer joins Looking Glass Factory board of directors

What do I need to know? Looking Glass Factory, a developer of holographic hardware and software, has appointed Sabrina Kieffer, a former executive at Vimeo and a current one at Skillshare, to its board of directors.

Who else is on the Looking Glass board? Brenda Freeman, John Underkoffler, Brad Feld, and co-founder Shawn Frayne.

What is Kieffer’s background? Kieffer has held numerous management and executive positions in operations. She was an early employee at Vimeo, taking on the roles of vice president of operations and senior vice president of operations, in which she grew teams from dozens to hundreds of employees, and managed the day-to-day operations of those teams. From there, she moved onto Skillshare, where she currently serves as chief operating officer. In each of her positions, Kieffer has not only shown a profound skill for operations, but also a unique talent for growing teams and communities of users, according to Looking Glass Factory.

TRW - 11 August 2021 - Health Scholars etc - Sabrina Kieffer
Sabrina Kieffer

What will Kieffer bring to Looking Glass Factory? Kieffer’s operational talents span a broad range of areas and departments, from building and managing teams, to handling product and project operations, to overseeing content and operations, and assisting with branding, PR and communications. She has also been instrumental in implementing programmes that empower creators and build communities around brands. Her expertise will be invaluable to Looking Glass Factory as it continues to expand its global community of 3D holographic content creators.

Why is this appointment notable? In December, Looking Glass launched its personal holographic display, Looking Glass Portrait. It was the first in a new generation of holographic systems from Looking Glass Factory, which will now include new 4K and 8K systems designed for the workplace that offer a new design and crisper quality, super stereoscopic 3D holograms. The company has a new range of holographic products to offer and it is keen to meet demand from both individuals and organisations.

TRW - 11 August 2021 - Health Scholars etc - Looking Glass Factory second-gen range
The new generation of holographic systems from Looking Glass Factory

Shawn Frayne, chief executive officer of Looking Glass Factory: “Sabrina is just the person we need at this time in our company’s growth. She is a proven operator in organisations focused on creative communities that have scaled to the next level beyond where we are now, and I’m thrilled to have someone with her experience  to help guide our next steps as we deliver our vision of a holographic future to more of the world.”

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Images: Health Scholars and Looking Glass Factory