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Featuring Oisoi and Painting VR, Epic Games and Unreal Engine 4.27, and Waya Health

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Oisoi to launch Painting VR on Oculus Store in 2022
The latest Unreal Engine release is now available
Waya Health to lead study of VR healthcare for veterans
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Oisoi to launch Painting VR on Oculus Store in 2022

What do I need to know? Belgium-based developer Oisoi will launch multiplayer painting simulator Painting VR on Oculus Store in 2022, after its successful early access launch attracted more than 8,000 users globally. A version is currently available on Oculus App Lab.

Who is Oisoi? A small virtual reality game studio based in Ghent, Belgium, with a mission to implement new ways to create and tell stories in and about the ‘metaverse’, defined here as a digital world where anyone can play games, take digital lessons, go to virtual concerts, or build and explore together. Since 2019, the studio has been creating a wide variety of products such as digital assets for theatre, virtual worlds for artists and even virtual reality training experiences for the aviation industry.

TRW - Painting VR and more - Painting VR art
A collection of art created in Painting VR

Why painting in virtual reality? With its first virtual reality gaming simulator, Oisoi wanted to create a highly realistic experience that is easy to use and understand for all ages. Painting VR requires no artistic background, so it is potentially a useful tool for both established artists and anyone who just wants to relax with an unlimited supply of paint.

What about the multiplayer feature? Oisoi aims to provide educational tools for art teachers and a platform for artists to gain visibility for their work. The studio hopes to build on its vision for the metaverse and deliver a digital space for art education and commerce, envisioning a time when students and educators can ‘meet’ in virtual reality to learn how to paint, or artists hold their own exhibitions.

Find out more about Painting VR in the video below.

What is the next step? A crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter will launch on 1 September to support the planned release of the Painting VR in early 2022

Wim Reygaert, founder of Oisoi: “By implementing the multi-player system, users will not only be able to create and show their work but also to watch that of others, to play together, to learn together, and to share information, experience and inspiration amongst each other. And they’ll never have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.”

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The latest Unreal Engine release is now available

What do I need to know? Epic Games has released Unreal Engine 4.27. Highlights of the new release include major updates to the in-camera visual effects toolset for virtual production, enhancements to GPU Lightmass for significantly faster light baking, integration of the Oodle Compression Suite and Bink Video codecs for free use in Unreal Engine, production-ready Pixel Streaming, production-ready OpenXR support, and Datasmith upgrades.

TRW - Painting VR and more - Unreal Engine release screengrab
Unreal Engine 4.27

What about production-ready support for OpenXR? Epic says it is easier than ever to create XR content in Unreal Engine with the new update. The OpenXR plugin, which enables users to target multiple XR devices with the same API, now also offers support for additional features—including Stereo Layers, Splash Screens, querying Playspace bounds, and motion controller visualisation—and for extension plugins from the Marketplace, enabling creators and developers to add functionality to OpenXR without relying on engine releases. Epic has also redesigned the virtual and augmented reality templates to offer more built-in features and easier setup, giving users a faster way to get started with their projects.

Where can I find out more? Visit the release notes to see the full list of features and improvements, or view the highlights video below.

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Waya Health to lead study of VR healthcare for veterans

What do I need to know? Waya Health is conducting a study, partnership with Veterans Health Administration Innovation Ecosystem (VHA IE) and the VHA Extended Reality (VHA XR) Network, to determine the utility of virtual reality in falls risk assessments, neurological risk assessment, palliative care, procedural use, acute and/or chronic pain management, and anxiety among veterans.

Who is Waya Health? A US company focused on the clinical use of virtual reality. It provides patient-centered and outcome-focused solutions to overcome today’s biggest healthcare challenges. Its virtual and augmented reality tools, including the Waya platform, can improve patient care, lower costs, and increase revenue across multiple clinical settings.

What will the study involve? Veterans and clinical staff in 12 VHA medical centres across the US will use wearable headsets loaded with Waya Health software developed to address the six critical medical use cases mentioned above. A previous study revealed several promising results, including reductions in discomfort and stress among participants.

Joe Morgan MD, president of Waya Health: “The opportunities are limitless for virtual reality to assess, monitor, and help manage numerous diseases; reduce the use of risky medications like opioids and sedatives; and really improve the quality of life for thousands of veterans.”

“This collaboration will be a validation pipeline to develop, test, and deploy virtual reality solutions not only for our veterans but also for patients, physicians, and clinical staff outside the VHA. We are very impressed with the VHA’s commitment to innovation and are honoured to be a part of it.”

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Images: Oisoi, Epic Games and Waya Health