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Inpixon and Ostendo
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Arthur releases new and improved professional edition of VR office solution

What do I need to know? Arthur, the virtual reality (VR) office space provider, has moved the professional edition of its solution out of beta and into stable release.

The new and improved professional edition, available on Oculus Quest 2, enables more than 70 users to gather as photorealistic avatars in a VR meeting space at a single time. In 2021 alone, enterprise users have spent a total of 1.6 million minutes using the Arthur solution.

How has the latest release of the Arthur solution been improved? There have been a number of improvements:

• Enterprise teams can manage accessibility, including management, sub-teams, user roles and restrictions

• The professional edition will soon be available on Pico Neo 3 Pro and HTC Focus 3

• A new sticky notes feature is being added in addition to multi-user low latency screen sharing capabilities, including a screen share snapshot, versatile pinboard feature for brainstorming, kanban boards and more

• 70 users can be supported in the same room at the same time

• High availability, backups and full end-to-end encryption of all information

70 users can be supported in the same room at the same time

Is the Arthur solution just for collaboration? No, although you can read about its usefulness for that use case here. Arthur says the solution has expanded to address the needs of a wide variety of industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, consulting, insurance and wider financial services.

Beyond collaborative work, Arthur users can host conferences and events, with rooms and spaces for breakout sessions, one-on-one conversations and social networking opportunities.

Is there a free version available? Yes. In fact, Arthur encourages everyone to try this version first. It is available on Oculus Store now. Certain features are not included and there are space limitations, but it is well worth a try and is a capable collaboration solution for small businesses and independent professionals.

Key quote from Christoph Fleischmann, chief executive officer and founder of Arthur: “Virtual reality offers innovative solutions that no other technology is able to accomplish. Arthur provides enterprises with a solution capable of providing deep and meaningful collaboration. Companies seeking to solve their internal communication in a hybrid work setting can do so by lowering office and travel expenses as well as lessening carbon emissions.”

Inpixon and Ostendo to explore capabilities of next-gen AR smart glasses

What do I need to know? Inpixon and Ostendo Technologies are teaming up to pair location, computer vision and augmented reality (AR) technologies with immersive technology-powered smart glasses.

Who brings what to the partnership? Inpixon specialises in capturing, interpreting and giving context to indoor data so it can be translated into actionable intelligence. Its own solutions were augmented by the acquisition of a suite of AR, computer vision, localisation, navigation, mapping, and 3D reconstruction technologies from Visualix earlier this year.

Ostendo developed QPI, a full-colour ≤ 10µm µLED micro display that, according to its creator, delivers both the immersive and volumetric aspects needed to realise effective and wearable AR smart glasses.

QPI fully integrates multiple existing functions, such as display, optical collimator, image processor and decompression code, which reduces size and cost, and enables the transition to a wearable computing platform that wirelessly connects to any smartphone, tablet, PC, or media streaming device.

TRW - Arthur - 3 September 2021 - Inpixon and Ostendo
Ostendo’s OST4 Total-System-Solution Wearable Display

What are the next steps? Inpixon and Ostendo will explore combining their technological capabilities for applications across various use cases, including inspections, maintenance, emergency care, telemedicine, and gaming.

Key quote from Nadir Ali, chief executive officer of Inpixon: “Unlike the recently announced Facebook Horizon Workroom that endeavors for remote workers to collaborate in VR, Inpixon’s hybrid workplace experience coupled with Ostendo’s truly wearable AR smart glasses will help organisations enhance the IRL (in real life) experience and performance of its employees based on their location, whether at home, in the workplace or in between. The possibilities are nearly limitless, and we’re eager to pursue these opportunities in the disruptive, rapidly growing AR and wearable market.”

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