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Meet Agora and learn about real-time engagement

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➨ Agora worked with HTC Vive to bring RTE to Vive Sync
➨ RTE could be highly beneficial for VR experiences, particularly ones focused on collaboration
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The partnership between real-time engagement (RTE) specialist Agora and HTC Vive on virtual reality (VR) collaboration app Vive Sync is a big milestone for both companies, Virginia Liu, senior vice president of marketing and ecosystems, says in the latest issue of VRWorldTech Magazine.

Agora specialises in helping developers embed real-time video and voice engagement experiences into their apps.

This is exactly what the company is doing with HTC Vive and Vive Sync, demonstrating that VR and augmented reality are edging ever closer to bridging the gap between the virtual and physical—with some help along the way from experienced providers.

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Speaking exclusively to VRWorldTech Magazine as part of the regular Meet feature, which serves to introduce developers and potential partners to the wider immersive technology and enterprise markets, Liu describes the partnership with HTC Vive as a “big milestone” and explains what it will accomplish for both Vive Sync and VR.

Liu says: “It’s a big milestone for both Agora and HTC as it brings real-time engagement to the growing industry of VR. By integrating Agora’s Video SDK, HTC Vive Sync can enable more seamless remote collaboration between HTC Vive users and non-virtual reality users within the same virtual environment.”

“This provides users the ability to share in the same immersive experience on any device, without requiring a VR headset. Additionally, users are able to share their screens and files in the collaborative meeting environment, making the VR experience more accessible, productive and enjoyable for all participants.”

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