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This week’s The Reality Wire does an excellent job of demonstrating the breadth and depth of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) out there right now, touching everything from the consumer ‘metaverse’ (we’re not ready to put all our eggs in the metaverse basket just yet) as it currently exists, to training and education.

Samsung’s Dreamground, which the company describes as “a live AR experience that fosters creativity and exploration”, is yet another potential take on the metaverse but does a satisfactory job by envisioning something that isn’t a rip off of Ready Player One.

Interestingly, it mixes realities using AR, enabling visitors to Hollywood Park in Los Angeles and the company’s flagship experiential store, Samsung 837, in New York City, to utilise the technology to explore virtual worlds and interact with them in creative ways.

The results are a kind of mixed reality in-store consumer experience that you are unable to get anywhere else, plus your AR creations and interactive face filters can be shared via social media, giving Dreamground greater reach.

Also, certain Dreamground content is exclusive to Galaxy 5G device owners on Verizon, demonstrating Samsung’s aim to use AR to show it as a brand on the cutting edge of technology while demonstrating what the company’s latest devices are capable of.

That is the real consumer metaverse as it exists right now: high-tech brands and others enhancing rather than replacing the normal retail experience, to sell and show off in equal measure. It is a good starting point, particularly where AR is concerned, but we cannot wait to see what comes next.

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Images: Samsung, Gleechi, Vive Arts, VREX, DPVR, Holo-Light and Immerse