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The rapid rise of virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) technology for professionals and consumers has revealed a need for concentrated advocacy on behalf of the entire industry. Already well served by the VR/AR Association in terms of community engagement, the XR Association (XRA) has stepped forward as a potential voice for hardware and software providers at the top table of government.

Led by chief executive officer Elizabeth Hyman, the association publishes an annual report assessing the needs of professional and consumer users, consults on issues such as accessibility and safety guidance, and offers its point of view and expertise on legislation and regulatory issues.

XRA’s founder member companies include Google, HTC Vive, Meta, Samsung and Sony. The association added Microsoft in 2019, giving its membership a heavy hardware slant. Now, it is expanding to consider and concentrate a larger share of the industry, which should widen its focus and strengthen its reputation as an opinion worth listening to.

We will end this introduction to The Reality Wire with Hyman’s comments on what a larger, diverse membership means for the association:  “We’re excited to welcome all our new members, large and small, to our growing organisation. These companies are on the cutting-edge of XR technology.”

“They are introducing products and applications that are, quite literally, shaping the future of computing. It is only through diverse expertise and collaboration that we can achieve XRA’s mission.”

That mission—to provide a forum to discuss the future of the industry, particularly public policy priorities and legislative implications—is a highly important one considering the industry is only just getting started.

Find the link to the full XRA story below, as well as updates from Trimble, Rendever and Immerse.

Why it matters: XRA is pushing a better vision of the ‘metaverse’ that promises clear governance and better accessibility. The association was started by hardware manufacturers but by opening its membership to other providers in the XR ecosystem, there is a greater likelihood that XRA will have a more effective impact for more stakeholders at the government level.

Why it matters: Architecture, engineering and construction are ripe for innovation. Digital tools such as Trimble FieldLink MR aim to reduce costs and save time—both increasingly vital resources. Find it at events such as the International Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigerating Expo 2022 this year to try it out for yourself.

Why it matters: We have written extensively about Rendever, including this interview with chief executive officer Kyle Rand in late 2020 where he expressed a desire to “build engagement and direct conversations”. Since then, the VR company has pressed ahead with creating a platform that brings socialising to often isolated senior citizens, all via easy-to-use immersive technologies. RendeverLive sounds like another great innovation.

Why it matters: Immerse is a fast-mover in VR training, and a rapid innovator. The company has quickly developed an end-to-end platform for upskilling employees and partnerships such as this will put its offering in the minds of more enterprise leaders than ever before. Keep an eye on what Immerse does next and consider whether you may benefit from a conversation about your training needs.

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