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Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine features the opinions of four prominent VR and AR experts on the future of living and working using digital technologies

Last year saw more businesses investigate, interrogate and invest in immersive technologies than ever before.

This trend coincided with the emergence of the Metaverse concept and catapulted virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) to the forefront of a conversation about living and working using digital technologies, and what ultimately that may look like.

With this in mind, VRWorldTech Magazine sought the opinions of four prominent VR and AR experts for Issue 12 of the bimonthly digital and print magazine.

Below is a snapshot of those opinions and the embedded pages from Issue 12 of VRWorldTech Magazine.

“I believe that this year will serve to explore the possibilities more seriously and to sharpen the meaning of the term ‘metaverse’ in the different business fields. In this context, I hope that the relevant stakeholder will realise that common standards are the foundation for creating sustainable added value, new experiences and their own business success.”

— Jan Pflueger, advisXR

“Once companies have defined what outcomes they want and the problems and/or challenges they are trying to solve, they will then be able to better understand what kind of technology they’ll need to invest in to bring their vision to life.”

— Mike Leach, Lenovo

“In 2022, VR and AR will continue to fall short of expectations. This is because most enterprise implementations will continue to fail to formulate the cognitive proposition.”

— Andreea Ion Cojocaru, NUMENA

“One of the most important directions in implementing extended reality (XR) will revolve around designing a comprehensive immersive program, where the program meets all the requirements, protocols, standards, languages, data storage, and training needs of the end user and ensures scalability of content and features.”

— Dr Sana Farid, XR and AI strategist

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