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Featuring HTC VIVE and XRHealth, Arvizio, Dispelix and AAC Technologies, and Niantic and Project for Public Spaces

An interesting mix of stories feature in The Reality Wire this week, as HTC VIVE makes a move in healthcare with a partnership designed to position its standalone headsets as the leaders in this field.

There is also an update from Arvizio bringing a suite of capabilities for the use of augmented reality (AR) workflow automation for medical organisations, healthcare workers and technicians in equipment training, operation, and maintenance.

A strategic partnership between Dispelix and AAC Technologies promises high-quality see-through waveguide displays for the AR and mixed reality wearables industry, while Niantic, hot on the heels of its acquisition of 8th Wall, strikes another showing the importance of branching out beyond immersive technologies.

Why it matters: HTC VIVE is positioning its wider offering under the ‘metaverse’ banner and health and wellness are early areas of priority. The company has already invested in XRHealth, backing its virtual clinics to be a big attraction. Putting VIVE Focus 3 and Flow in the hands of users, pre-loaded with XRHealth apps, makes absolute sense.

Why it matters: Training and maintenance are big use cases for VR and AR, and an ability to quickly and efficiently prepare technicians to deal with complex machinery is vital. As Jonathan Reeves, chief executive officer of Arvizio, explained: “Advances in medical equipment and procedures have increased the demand for skilled healthcare professionals and technicians. The ability to combine 3D models, interactive annotations with on-demand remote expert collaboration provides a state-of-the-art solution for medical technology training and maintenance.”

Why it matters: This one is simple and speaks to the necessity for collaboration when combining high-spec technology with manufacturing at scale. It is increasingly difficult to do both well on your own. The “win-win partnership” brings together Dispelix’s unique waveguide technology and AAC’s unparalleled expertise in wafer-level optics mass manufacturing, resulting in high-quality waveguide displays designed to deliver industry-leading form factor, image quality and clarity performance for all customers globally.

Why it matters: In partnership with not-for-profit Project for Public Spaces, Niantic will fund a grant to help “a community-wide destination better serve people who have historically been left out”, which says it all. It is open to US-based organisations seeking to rehabilitate or better support a public space.

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Images: HTC VIVE, XRHealth, Arvizio, Dispelix, AAC Technologies and Niantic