The business of manufactured realities and VRWorldTech Magazine are dedicated to professional virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR). is divided into several sections to suit reader interests. There is News and The Reality Wire if you wish to keep up-to-date with the latest developments, Long Reads for in-depth looks at the latest trends, Meet for profiles of developers, Verdict for product and device reviews, Pros+Cons for headlines from events dedicated to immersive technology, and Demos for videos of products and services in action.

VRWorldTech Magazine is a premium digital and print publication released six times a year.

Each issue of VRWorldTech Magazine focuses on a specific industry or sector, analysing the ways in which VR and AR, as well as other immersive technologies, are being used in professional settings.

Previous issues of VRWorldTech Magazine focused on location-based entertainment, healthcare, retail, automotive, and military and defence.

VRWorldTech Magazine also features The Reality Wire, a round-up of the latest thought leadership from prominent experts, the Meet feature, an in-depth conversation with an up-and-coming developer working in the enterprise market, and Live from the Metaverse, a look at the latest business trends emerging in immersive technology, including funding, acquisitions, legal developments, and more.

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